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NEW RELEASE! Guest Author: Mary K Tilghman



Bad aim brought the lawyer and the innkeepers’ son together. Everything else drove them apart. Can the inn’s past promise them a future?


Amanda steals away from the biggest case of her life to host a bridesmaids’ getaway for her best friend Julie at a lakeside inn. While Amanda must keep her eye on her email, she hopes the weekend will make amends for important events she has missed because of work.

The innkeepers’ hardworking son, Luke, returns for a visit only to find his parents at odds over an offer to sell the inn they’ve owned for twenty years. A developer wants to raze the Victorian inn to build a new resort.

Amanda and Luke meet on the tennis court—where his poorly-executed serve whacks her in the head. Later, as Luke leads Amanda on a tour to get to know the inn, and each other, better, Amanda discovers a long-lost diary that recounts a visit to the inn by a famous couple in the 1880s.

Amanda sympathizes with the family’s dilemma, having lost her home as a child. An email reveals a fact she hoped wasn’t true: her big case is the same hotel project threatening the inn. Before she can tell Luke, he discovers the truth and confronts her.

The two come face to face, this time in opposition, as plans for the new development proceed. Amanda, who has always appreciated old things, wonders if the diary she and Luke found holds the key to saving the inn and maybe their chance for a future together.

Excerpt—the meeting

So, this was Deep Creek Lake. Amanda had been curious about it. Somewhere around here a huge development project was in the works. Files for the case were piled up on her desk— though she had only been given a fraction of them. Everything mentioned the lake, and now she was here, poised at its edge.

As she pushed away the concerns of work, a tennis ball bounced off her shoulder.

“Ouch.” She rubbed the sore spot before picking up the neon yellow ball that fell in her lap and turned toward the guy on the courts.

He ran toward her with a penitent look. Dark curls dampened by perspiration and a crooked smile below clear blue eyes.

Blue eyes the color of the lake in front of her.

“I’m really sorry.” Still carrying his racquet, he grinned sheepishly. “I wanted to practice my serve before my friend gets here later this weekend. Looks like I need it. Did I hurt you?”


Mary K. Tilghman, a journalist for forty years, finds inspiration for her books in the sites she visited when she wrote six travel guides for Frommer’s. These places and their history set the scene for her novels, both historical and contemporary.

The mountains of Western Maryland serve as the backdrop for her newest sweet love story, Inn By The Lake, coming Dec. 7 from Champagne Book Group. In April, look for The Last Gift, also to be a Champagne title, which takes place during an Adriatic cruise.

Mary is also the author of two Maryland-based historical novels, Divided Loyalties, set during the Civil War Sharpsburg,and Love Letters & Gingerbread, set in 19th Century Annapolis.

Divided Loyalties was cited in CBSBaltimore’s “Five Baltimore Authors To Put On Your Summer Reading List.”

Mary is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Romance Writers of America, Maryland Romance Writers and the Maryland Writers Association.

A Maryland native, Mary and her husband Ray have three grown children, all of whom still live in Maryland.

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