Posted by: reneewildes1 | September 18, 2019


Welcome to Book 5 in my Guardians of Light fantasy romance series from Champagne Book Group! 

Guardians DESTINY BOOK 5.png

The cover art was done by the fantabulous Carly Marino – this is what happens when you tell her “Think Spartans in Iceland.” Thanks to my editor (and publisher) Cassiel Knight from Champagne Book Group for all her hard work and keen eye as we made this book the best it could be!


On what should have been Verdeen’s proudest day, she is blocked from advanced warrior training because no war mare chooses to bond with her. Burning with humiliation, she accepts a lesser assignment to the Isle of Ice, serving as bodyguard to human riever, Daq Aryk.

Verdeen’s never paid much attention to men, so focused was she on her training. But she quickly realizes hieing off into a distant wilderness with Aryk is a bad idea. He makes her lose all focus and perspective.

Aryk faces a difficult task: molding six warring clans into a peaceful whole. He’s got nothing against women warriors, but Verdeen is young and inexperienced, her beauty a potentially fatal distraction. She’s a shield-maiden, not a bedmate. But the way she melts at his every touch erodes all his good intentions…and sense.

One kiss unleashes the kind of feverish desire that should occur only once in a lifetime—with a mate. But as their quest takes ever more dangerous twists and turns, their bond could be the one thing that unites a nation. Or make Aryk’s worst nightmare a blood-soaked reality.


Contains fire and ice, never-gratuitous sex and violence, sword play and self-play, spying and lying, noble intentions and betrayal. In other words, a rollicking good roll in the proverbial hay.










All Verdeen wanted was to become an elite elven Ranger. But when no war-mare chooses to partner her, her dreams crumbled. King Loren has other plans for his new Right Hand. Plans that involve a journey into human lands…

Haunted by visions of his son’s death by sword, Aryk vows to prevent it. How? End his people’s riever ways by uniting the clans into a peaceful whole. But he never expected a beautiful elven shield-maiden to answer his most heartfelt desires…

This book has it all–romance, fantasy, sword & sorcery, action/adventure, and some really cool critters! (Meet Verdeen’s yaga Ebony and Aryk’s red seeker dog, Fiske.)

I sincerely hope you check it out, and enjoy. Reviews are always appreciated!



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