Posted by: reneewildes1 | January 26, 2019

JOSH GATES In Milwaukee

The genuinely humble and funny host of Destination Truth, Expedition Unknown, and Legendary Locations was at the Marcus Performing Arts Center last night in Milwaukee, WI. Warm and charming man. The real deal – what you see on TV is what you get in person.

It was freezing cold (-15 degrees!) and we (me, my husband Todd, my daughter Tami, and my friend/coworker Alicia) walked back and forth from PAC to Mo’s Irish Pub for dinner several blocks via the Riverwalk. I’m sure it’s beautiful in summer, but Holy Hannah the wind was brutal. I couldn’t feel my face (or, weirdly enough, my KNEES – what’s up with that?). Josh made the comment after  his introduction that his producer was in Siberia laying the groundwork for his trip there next week, and she was complaining about how cold it was there – it was +2 degrees. He laughed at her and said “I’m in Milwaukee, WI and it’s -250 degrees here!) So you guys (us) are colder than Siberia!” LOL

It was a celebration of stories and universal truths. We got the tale of how he got started on this gig, what’s up with the amulet around his neck, and lots of laughter over faulty transportation, weird food, and other travel foibles. There was a Q&A afterwards, and we got to purchase signed photos and I got an autographed Expedition Unknown journal. He even bought GS cookies from one little girl in the audience, BTW, because she asked him to. (The Caramel Delites – he called them Samoans.)

The only negative was, when I bought the tickets, we were promised signed books for our seat location (we were Orchestra Row C – 7th row!). When we got there…no books. ONLY those in the Meet-and-Greet VIP section got those – and there was a list. (We weren’t the only ones promised that – there were a bunch of us talking to the manager before the show.) So BOO on you PAC. But Josh Gates and the show itself was awesome.

Felt bad for the guy – had to catch a 6 AM flight out so had to be at the airport by 4. Show got done at 10. We arrived home half-dead-tired at 2 AM. But it was WORTH it!

If you get a chance to catch one of his shows in your area – DO IT!

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