Posted by: reneewildes1 | March 15, 2018

How to turn nay into Yay! Hook your reader from the first sentence.

Writer’s Taboo

Guest post by Renee Wildes, Author of A Guardian’s Heart

Fabulous Romance Author Renee Wildes

No offense to Sister Maria (Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music), but we as writers do NOT start at the very beginning—it is NOT a good place to start…

All my writing life I’ve been told “You have to open with a hook to grab the reader’s attention.” “Grab first—explain later.” Now as a writing instructor and RWA contest judge, I get to wield that hammer. Agents and editors are so desperately overworked, faced with a deluge of Query emails, hundreds on a daily basis, they’ve perfected the snap-decision process to an art form. First sentence/paragraph/maaaybe page…yay or nay…move on…

Hooks are life-and-death stuff for us authors.

If you watch Indiana Jones and James Bond movies, they always open with the main character doing something related to the main story before the main story problem is introduced. The…

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