Posted by: reneewildes1 | January 4, 2018


Happy new Year and welcome 2018! I am back with lots of changes in my writing future. Since the demise of Samhain Publishing, I have a new website and picked up a new Publisher, Champagne Books, and have been working hard on edits and other paperwork. And I am excited to share them with you.

Like a phoenix, the award-winning Fantasy Romance series Guardians of Light are being reborn, with new edits, new scenes, new covers, and new titles. Starting next month, there will be a new title released every three months, as follows:

Duality = A Guardian’s Heart (coming 2/5/18)

Hedda’s Sword = A Guardian’s Hope (coming 5/7/18)

Lycan Tides = A Guardian’s Storm (coming 8/6/18)

Dust of Dreams = A Guardian’s Dream (coming 11/5/18)

Riever’s Heart = A Guardian’s Destiny (coming February 2019)

God of Fyre Mountain = A Guardian Betrayed (coming May 2019)

Moonwitched = A Guardian Redeemed (coming August 2019)

The rights to Marek’s New World will revert to me when my contract with Tirgearr expires in October 2018. Looking forward to being able to redo that one, also. Contemporary Rural Paranormal Romance!

I am editing Seditious Hearts and hope to be able to submit that title for Champagne consideration, as well. Science Fiction Romance!


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