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ELYRIA: Daughters of the Guardians 2

ELYRIA - daughter of Dara & Loren  1/2 Elven, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Dragon (molly c quinn 2014): ELYRIA, half-elven/quarter-human/quarter-dragon princess of Cymry (capital city Poshnari-Unai)

worships the Lady of Light

shares her mother’s abhorrence of demons

yearns to do something productive with her life besides be a pampered princess of the realm


daughter of Queen Dara (half-human/half-dragon fire mage & healer) &                           elven King Loren (empath, former Lady’s Champion & Right Hand) from                    DUALITY (Guardians of Light Book 1)

Elyria's mom - Queen Dara (Dinah Meyer in Dragonheart - LOVE that movie!):

Elyria's dad - King Loren (Haldir from LOTR):





guarded by & bonded to MYSTI, a fey mist tiger from the Shadowlands AND Aurelian (elven shadow ranger) & his war mare Lanakea

Mysti, Elyria's mist tiger companion:

Aurelian (Verdeen's best friend in Riever's Heart) - Elyria's bodyguard (elven shadow ranger): Aurelian's war mare, Lanakea:







When a messenger arrives from the distant shores of Goba-Din Ashelu, on the far side of the Shadowlands, proposing an alliance and cultural exchange, Elyria proposes to go as her parents’ ambassador. They gate to the port of Ban-Khala, where they board the Banshee’s Fury, captained by the charismatic Stepak, bound for the distant, exotic city of Bur-Ganan.

Stepek's ship, Banshee's Fury: Stepek - djinn prince (aidan turner Kili):


djinn capitol city of Bur-Ganan:





But someone has other plans for Elyria. When the Banshee’s Fury is attacked, Aurelian & Mysti are gravely wounded. Stepak spirits Elyria to safety with the help of the giant Roc, Nur.

giant roc - djinn battle mount (golden eagle) large enough to carry people: Um, yeah - dunno where (yet), but yeah...:

Elyria and Stepak have to find out who wants the alliance to fail. News of Elyria’s death would start a war between elf and djinn. When Elyria discovers her simple sea-captain is in fact the disinherited grandson of the Djinn King Salah. Salah’s daughter Ariana was taken by an incubus demon – Stepak is half djinn…and half demon.

Won’t Queen Dara welcome HIM as a son-in-law – provided Elyria & Stepak can survive long enough to return to Cymry?



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