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BRAECA: Daughters of the Guardians 1

Story Notes Development:

BRAECA, half-human/half-selkie

warrior/scout & weather-witch

selkie allure manifests through singing

affinity for crows

hates/fears the sea (& dragons)


daughter of Finora (selkie princess) & Trystan (were Wolf warrior of Badger clan)

from LYCAN TIDES (Guardians of Light, Book 3)

Finora in LYCAN TIDES - Braeca's Mom  (I absolutely adored Karina Lombard in KULL The Conqueror): Trystan from LYCAN TIDES -  Braeca's Stepfather (Mads Mikkelsen's Tristan in King Arthur):







older sister of Ioain (half-human/half-selkie) – shamanic archaeologist, obsessed with studying the past

IOAIN - Braeca's younger brother (ioan gruffudd):

When Ioain locates ancient cave paintings, he insists on going to study them. Braeca reluctantly accompanies him to stand guard (and make sure he eats & sleeps)Prehistoric cave painting- 35,000 years ago.  -Animals were important for very basic reasons in this time period. They were used for food, clothes, tools, and most interactions between them and humans remained primal.  -Depicted as flat, basic earth tones, usually through daily life scenes, such as the hunters above.:







Meanwhile, in a land far/far away, (the Negasa mountain range of Theressa) an earthquake destroys the home caverns of the warlike Shani (dark elves, AKA drow). They have to find a new home territory, and migrate into the caves of the Dragon’s Back Mountains (border of Arcadia & Shamar). FLYN is sent to scout ahead with the 5 warriors of his “Hand” – and they come across the cave where Ioain & Braeca are working.

FLYN: (I ❤ this picture!)

FLYN of the White River Shani (dark elf/drow)     Rhys (prince) & warrior, armed with a knife made from a basilisk’s tear, a blade which steals the life forces of slain enemies to heal himself (designed by his necromancer/shaman brother Emek)

second-born son of Abba All-Father & captive high elf female named Dumia (sister to Hilorian)

the basilisk-tear knives can be focused in a ritual to summon & reanimate their victims and force them to fight on the side of the Shani, in the name of Akeru, the God of Death. Lich/zombies, an abomination to the Lady of Light…

Basilisk mythology describes this "king of serpents" as a reptilian creature with sometimes rooster-like qualities who is famous for its ability to kill with a single glance.  Like its bird-lizard cousin, the Cockatrice, basilisks are said to be born from a union of serpents and roosters.:







Unbeknownst to Abba, Dumia has been secretly influencing Flyn to work for benefit of all the Shani people, not just his own power. He is wary of the topsiders, but decides to find out more about them before committing to heading an invasion force…

Can Braeca finish what Dumia started, and turn this Bad Boy to the Light? Will Flyn turn traitor against his father and help the humans prepare for the coming apocalypse?


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