Posted by: reneewildes1 | January 20, 2017

New Beginnings, New Series

With all the recent upheavals in my little corner of the publishing world, namely the almost-demise & drastic downsizing of Samhain Publishing, I’ve struggled to keep my identity & writing focus. I know I’m not alone. A lot of my writing friends have gone Indie with varying rates of success, since the market is GLUTTED. Everyone has a book out these days, and it’s hard to find the gold in all the dross. Amazon has gotten way too big for its britches, and isn’t always the easiest waters to navigate. Not everyone can afford to go Indie, though. I’m one of them, which is why I left my books up at Samhain when so many others were pulling the books whose contracts had expired. The Guardians of Light are Samhain books. Period. An interlocking series of 7 titles:


But where to go from here? I did a brief sojourn into the world of writing Science Fiction Romance…UGH! The less said about THAT the better! (LOL) I adore watching science fiction TV shows & movies, I love reading sci fi. Can’t write it to save my soul, though. Turns out trite. Flatter than flat. I’ve been hanging out with Joseph Campbell & Mercedes Lackey for too long to turn my back on my strong suit: Fantasy Romance.

But there are 7 books in the Guardians of Light series already. Enough. What to do next? Well, what happens when hot couples get their happily-ever-afters and time passes? The Next Generation, so to speak. So, I’ve been solidifying the Daughters of the Guardians trilogy idea into 3 different book ideas:

Braeca (daughter of Finora & Bran – Lycan Tides)

Piroska (daughter of Tzigana & Berend – born in Riever’s Heart) – destined to join with Joro (Dagmar & Aryk’s son from Riever’s Heart – Birgit’s younger half-brother)

Elyria (daughter of Dara & Loren from Duality) – featured in Riever’s Heart & God of Fyre Mountain

but maybe add a couple of others to make it an official series:

Birgit (daughter of Erlynda & Aryk, niece of Valkyn – Riever’s Heart) and

Jana (Tzigana’s younger cousin – featured in Hedda’s Sword & Riever’s Heart)

Siobhan (Braeca’s younger half sister, daughter of Finora & Trystan)


But what about the boys? If I were to do a Sons of the Guardians, who would I have to work with?

 Ioain (Braeca’s younger brother)

Alvar (son of Moira & Hengist – Dara’s half-brother)

Antal (Piroska’s twin brother)

Valkyn’s sons – Einar,  Helje, Broder, & Gjord (mentioned in Moonwitched)

Mari’s & Dax’s son (conceived in God of Fyre Mountain), named Chonan

Working new stories in the old, familiar world of the Guardians – with one or two travel-abroad variations just to keep things interesting…

Are there any characters YOU want to see featured/more of???

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