Posted by: reneewildes1 | October 15, 2013


Marek's New World by Renee Wildes - 500Paranormal Romance coming from Tirgearr Publishing on 10/28/13.


Set in Kootenai National Forest. Heroine Cheyenne Rafferty is a white wolf shifter who works for the U.S. Forestry Service. When her truck is destroyed by an unusual earthquake, she doesn’t think her day can get any worse. Until she runs afoul of a demon from the ancient past – and the compelling warrior who followed it forward in time.
Hero Marek awakens 2000 years in the future, to a world all but incomprehensible. Sent to teach modern warriors to combat the Reynak, he now finds the demon the only thing familiar. His people and their epic struggle have been lost to the passage of time. The only one willing to help him is a daughter of the earth, a beautiful shifter woman with the heart of a wolf.
This isn’t your standard werewolf tale. The first of a planned trilogy, it has a strong environmental theme and features werewolves, time-traveling Native American warriors, demons and a resurrected ancient goddess.


  1. Really nice cover Renee. Sounds like a great story too.
    Sue B

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