Posted by: reneewildes1 | April 23, 2013

Seafood Chowder

This is another recipe from my Maine relatives. My daughter Tami loves chowder, and this is yummy on a cold day—drives our cat nuts, though! If anyone knows how to keep a cat off the counter, please message. me from the “Contact Me” page of because after 10 years of Chandra counter-jumping and trying to stick her paws in the cream, I give up!


1-1/2 lb. haddock (or cod) fillets

1 lb. scallops

2 cans crabmeat

2 cans minced clams

2 cans shrimp

2 qt. milk

1/2 lb. butter

Salt & pepper to taste


Do not throw the cooking water away—reat it like “fish stock” for flavor!

In large kettle, cook fish in salted boiling water until it’s white through & flakes easily with fork. Remove fish, flake with fork & remove bones. Lower heat & simmer scallops in the fish water to cook, about 5 minutes or until done. Cut scallops in bite-sized pieces. Return scallop pieces & flaked fish to the cooking water. Add crabmeat, clams & shrimp—eat long enough to blend, stirring constantly. Add salt & pepper to taste. Add milk & butter until heated through and butter melts. Do not boil. Serve hot, topped with oyster crackers.

And check out this other FAB recipe from my friend:

Selena Robins –


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