Posted by: reneewildes1 | March 31, 2013

Remembering Grandma Jeanne on Easter Sunday

Nothing like walking past a dozen churches on Easter Sunday to feel one’s lack of formal religion affiliation. Wausau has a LOT of churches on the way to McDonald’s–one across from the courthouse/jail. Seeing all those miserable little girls in their fancy Easter dresses brought it all back home this morning. Grandma’s gone. It’s funny how the weirdest things bring back the memories–like those ridiculous dresses.

See, Gran was a lady as well as a warrior. She had shoes and purses to match every outfit. She wore hats and gloves. And she bought her daughter and granddaughters a full ensemble-in-white for every Easter Sunday. White patent leather shoes. White dresses with lace. White straw hats with flowers. And white gloves. Seriously? How long you think a little kid’s gonna keep white gloves white? Or even ON? My mom told me she got busted as a little girl playing in the coal bin about a half-hour before church! I got mine covered in mud and horse hair, alas. (Yes, we were such girlie girls.) My sister managed to stay clean, but I remember her losing her hat. Knowing WI springs as I do, it probably blew away!

Those little girls looked about as enthused today as I did back then. But it made my think of Gran. She’s been gone more than a month. Seeing her body and receiving a copy of her death certificate didn’t freak me out nearly as much as those stupid Easter dresses. Like I told you, weird. My daughter Tami is such a girlie girl compared to her her tomboy mom–she probably would have LOVED to doll it up for Easter. I can’t wait to see what she picks out for her prom and wedding–I’ve watched enough of “Say Yes to the Dress” that I promised her I would never be one of THOSE moms. And I know whatever she picks out, Gran will be beaming at her from afar saying, “That’s my girl.” Tami wants to be a cop like her grandpa (my dad). Another lady warrior?



  1. It’a funny how little things brings up those memories. Things still get me here and there. I was one who loved to dress up for Easter. LOL. I didn’t like to be dirty. I bet your grandma is smiling at your post. Hugs Renee.
    Sue B

  2. Great post, Renee … sorry to hear about your Gran. My mother made my sister and me wear white gloves, also. It sure was a different time. Hope you had a memorable Easter.

  3. good post….im sorry for her…wish to u happy life

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