Posted by: reneewildes1 | November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Drama – I Hate Cars!

We did NOT make it to Brookfield on Thanksgiving to my in-laws, b/c my STUPID car has an overheating issue no one can seem to fix. We left at 8 AM from Wausau, to give ourselves plenty of time. 51 S to Madison, then 94 E to Brookfield. Easy Peasy. Just had the car vetted at Valvoline. Good to go. Until we boiled over at the Hwy 21/Coloma exit (where we normally turn off to go to Tomah) – only an hour from home. Stopped and hung out at a BP drinking coffee and waiting for it to cool down enough.  Got back on the road–apparently didn’t wait long enough because she started foaming again at Westfield exit, not 30 minutes later. We’re not EVEN to Wisconsin Dells yet and already 10 AM. Tried to call in-laws–no bars on cell phones.

Stopped at CITGO, started thinking long & hard. Todd has to work tomorrow 4 AM–Black Friday. CAN’T MISS. Tami FINALLY has doctor’s appt. tomorrow 9:45 AM to address insomnia issue. CAN’T MISS. Dog trapped in kennel, needs to be bailed out. CAN’T MISS. What if car goes belly-up even FARTHER from home? How much do I risk? So I pulled the plug and announced we were returning home–to an empty, foodless house. Kids were pissed. Locked myself in a CITGO bathroom stall to bawl in private. A very pregnant woman asked if I was okay. Not my finest moment…

Car overheated AGAIN in Plover on the way home, but at least there was a Walmart still open.Let the car cool off while we went shopping for our OWN Thanksgiving meal. Todd finally got a hold of his parents to tell them, only to be informed that his oldest son Bryan had decided to stay home in Milwaukee to see his dad and siblings–and now it was all for nothing, and I was the bad guy. I HATE being the responsible one–no one appreciates it.

Got home to a quiet house, two sulking kids and one sulking husband. Josh wanted to go get Abby right away. We made dinner–even crescent rolls & cherry pie only got me so much redemption. Watched the Redskins game–they won, which was the only bright spot in my day. Watched King Arthur and went to bed.

Todd went to work on time. Dog home safe & sound. Cat back to  being pissed. Tami went to doctor & is now on 3 mg Melatonin–slept through the night last night for the first time in WEEKS/MONTHS. So I have to think all the drama was worth it. But I hate drama as much as I hate cars!

Already wondering what I’m supposed to do about Christmas!



  1. Sorry you had car troubles. We don’t have a good car either. It’s so stressful being broke down. Good thing you made it back home. Big hugs.

    • Thanks Sue!
      I’m just glad we were able to take care of what were priorities. Hope you had a better holiday! Did you go shopping yesterday or did you hide from the mob like I did?

  2. Thanksgiving went ok. No stresses this year. I went just a bit. We are pretty cash strapped(otherwise I would be hitting all the sales…lol) this year so just getting items for the grandkids. We went around 6am and our local Walmart was dead. Guess they all went the night before. It was nice not to have anyone pushing you. Then Papa Murhpys had $4 pizzas for Black Friday so we got one of those plus I did the survey from getting a pizza before and I got cookie dough for $1. So a cheap meal. LOL. I did win a snow thrower and snow broom from Snow Joe so Steve got a present already for Christmas. I love Facebook contests. Of course he was home when it came so I couldn’t hide a big box. LOL.

  3. Wow, Renee, don’t you just hate it when everything seems to go wrong? And when you can’t rely on your car, it just sucks. Wishing you better luck in the weeks ahead 😉

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