Posted by: reneewildes1 | July 28, 2012


So we had these neighbors three years ago. Nice people. We moved in and soon thereafter they moved out. Evicted, actually. But we’d started to become friends, especially our daughters, Tami & Hallie. So when they got booted, they asked us to hang onto their stuff until they got settled. That was three YEARS ago. We’ve seen them once. They’ve moved at least twice since then, changed their phone #s. We have no way to contact them and they haven’t contacted us. Exactly how long are we supposed to NOT use our garage?

So Todd & Tami started going through a “toss/sell” list. There’s a LOT of broken junk to toss. A garden hose full of holes, broken chairs, a  busted cedar chest, a lot of rodent-damaged linens… Yuck!

Some stuff we’ll keep for them, b/c it’s stuff I know I would never part with – her wedding dress, a baby’s christening gown that looks to be at least 50 years old given the style, some WWII paraphernalia. If they ever show up, it’s theirs. There’s an itty-bitty cooler we can plug in for soda/beer on the porch for parties.

The weirdest thing was they found three swords, of the sorta-sharp-blade/pommel/leather scabbard variety. Two long swords (which are HEAVY!) and a “bedazzled” what Josh calls a “hobbit sword”. Too big for a dagger and too short for a sword… Long knife? It’s pretty, all brass-bound w/fake jewels. A lady’s blade. So now I feel like a REAL fantasy writer – with props. Be cool to wear with a costume at a Ren-Faire…or RT…

The kids got the “Remember the don’t-play-with-knives talk? Well, these are big knives. Don’t touch.” speech. The blades are in my closet (drier than the garage – rust won’t do these things any favors) until I figure out what to do with them. Thinking of hanging them on the wall. If I could find a really cool tapestry, maybe do a display…

Hmm…wheels turning…





  1. You’re a good friend, Renee! Glad you were able to go through it and make some more room for you and your family 🙂 And find some treasures too 🙂

  2. You’re very patient. I’d have given it away ages ago.

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