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Review: A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living
A Life Worth Living by Lorrie Kruse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Life’s detours can sometimes lead to the best path…”

Matthew Huntz wakes up in a hospital room, paralyzed after an auto accident he can’t remember. Despite what the doctors predict, he’s determined to walk again. He’s soon to be married to Crystal and has a major construction project he has to finish. His family is sympathetic and supportive—more so than his fiancée. He wonders if he and Crystal will survive the crisis.

“A surefire way to jinx your future…”

Physical therapist Abby Fischner doesn’t believe in miracles, or someday. She believes in making the most/best of what you have, right now. Her job is to help Matthew adjust to what he has, learning to work with his wheelchair and adapt to his new life. It’s bad policy to get too close to a patient, and Matthew’s blind stubbornness makes her want to scream with frustration, sometimes. But they become friends anyway.

Don’t let the pretty cover fool you. This is NOT a romance in the true sense of the word. This is one man’s journey and struggle to accept a life-changing event that affects everyone around him. It’s about accepting new dreams when the old ones come crashing down around you. This is a dark, gritty book with moments of profound humanity. There are scenes that made me uncomfortable, a bit too much realism with things like bodily functions. Matthew had extreme moments of darkness and self-pity that made him lash out at people that made you not like him very much—but made him all that more human. You KNOW the author’s done her job when you want to reach onto a story and shake some sense into a character!

I definitely identified with Abby!

Author Lorrie Kruse really went above and beyond in her research to portray Matthew’s new life and challenges. Very well done, very real. The downsides are some “eew” scenes I would have preferred to skim, and some slow pacing. The characters are exceptionally well done, though. Even though you want to shake Matthew sometimes, you find yourself rooting for him and really want him to be happy. To find A LIFE WORTH LIVING.

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