Posted by: reneewildes1 | July 22, 2012


Ever notice that summer break is WAY TOO LONG? Seriously, after about TWO WEEKS you start to hear, “I’m boooored, there’s nuthin’ to dooooo…” Geeze Louise. Go to the library. Go to the mall. Ride your bike. Play frisbee. Go to the pool. I swear they fight for entertainment. Part of the problem is we don’t have air conditioning. We have ceiling fans. It gets hotter than hell upstairs, so the kids pretty much commandeer the living room couches at night in the summer. Drives me bonkers because my living room looks like a dorm room and then I get crabby… Seriously, I really want to tell them: Clean up this mess. Do your laundry. Clean the cat box. Walk the dog.

The dog HATES the heat. We have Abby, a black Chow. Even with the PetsMart defurminating tx, she gets HOT. She sprawls under the dining room table on the hardwood floor, panting. We put ice cubes in her water bowl. We walk her at night, which is always an adventure, because only thing worse than a Chowminator in broad daylight is a Chowminator in the dark when you can’t see what she’s growling at. It’s nerve-wracking, because you know she doesn’t like other dogs and is iffy with strange men, and honestly I don’t much like strange men approaching ME after dark, either…

It’s been a stressful summer this year for a different reason. Triwest lost the gov’t contract for military healthcare to UHC. Since Wausau WPS office in their infinite wisdom ONLY did claims processing for Triwest, we’re screwed. They’re NOT moving work up from Madison. 350 people are out on the street 4/1/13. They SAY they’ll keep us on through the transition, which could be next July through Sept. But NO WAY. People are already looking for work and bailing. If enough people quit that the rest can’t keep up to standard, they’ll close EARLY. Economy’s tight. There are few jobs in Wausau, mostly part-time – and now we have hundreds MORE people competing for work. It’s gonna get ugly, people…

There IS some good news on the horizon. One more car payment and we’re DONE. (And we’re NOT buying another one, either. We’ll keep this one running.) Kids are old enough to understand realities, and they’ve been awesome about picking and choosing activities. We’ve got free school supplies & free lunches through school district, Music Conservatory scholarships. We’ve got time to get all routine medical stuff taken care of before we run out of health insurance. The winter hay bill will be out of the way so the horses will be okay until spring.

Been thinking about a career change. Love writing, but can’t do that fulltime and feed my kids. Love books and critters. Reapplied BACK at B&N. Looking at maybe training/grooming at PetsMart of Petco – they train you to do it, and you work on commission, which can be a good living if you’re not lazy. I know we take Abby in for grooming on a regular basis, since Chows mat something awful if you DON’T manage their woolly coats!

Everything happens for a reason. I think it’s good not to get too complacent, to be able to roll with the punches. To keep prioritising, to learn the difference between need and want. Challenges make you stronger, and a better role model for your kids. Not a bad thing for them to learn “YOU make it happen–YOU control your own fate.” Not that things DON’T HAPPEN TO YOU, but that you can control the outcome by how you react and the choices you make today.


  1. Hope things get better for you. It’s hard living now days as things are so high and we are losing everything like healthcare or jobs. And all the bills are higher than our paychecks which doesn’t help. Good luck on your job hunt.
    Sue B

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