Posted by: reneewildes1 | June 16, 2012

Review: Even Vampires Get the Blues

Even Vampires Get the Blues
Even Vampires Get the Blues by Katie MacAlister
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hero Paen Scott is a soulless vampire in a real bind – he has five days to return a missing statue to its demonic owner or his mother’s immortal soul is forfeit for eternity. In desperation, he engages the investigative services of Eye Scry, run by a rather flighty faerie named Clare and an alluring half-elf named Samantha.

Samantha is a failed Diviner, who got kicked out of the formal Order after a moonlight scrying session goes horribly wrong. But she still has a talent for finding lost items, and so before the ink’s even dry on the sign out front, she finds herself with her first client. A really hot Dark One who makes it all but impossible to keep their relationship professional.

This was a fun, funny book with more twists and turns than a crazy straw. I liked the characters, even if Clare’s “If I only had a brain” moments (like crying over a ruined gown) drove me nuts. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on who – and WHAT – everyone is, Katie MacAlister throws you a curve. Keeps you guessing until the end. Enjoyed it very much!

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