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Review: Trust No One

Trust No One
Trust No One by Laurel Bradley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Heroine Taylor Wilson can’t figure out why someone would want to kill her. She’s just a landscape designer. Her husband Phil is a sculptor. But someone blew up their home and her office. Now she’s on the run and Phil’s missing.

The FBI sends someone to protect her. Agent Mark Cochran has lots of questions—mainly why their security is anything but secure. The FBI has a leak. Taylor knows more than she says. Phil’s not nearly as innocent as he seems.

Phil told Taylor not to trust anyone. And so she runs—away from Cochran, away from everyone. But it’s hard to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, ahead of the good guys, when you don’t know which is which. Whom to believe? Whom to trust?


This is a twisting-turning edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, where every secret revealed just adds to more doubt, more lies. Author Laurel Bradley has penned a complex tale peopled by three-dimensional characters and layers of complications and subtext. Every little thing has a point and purpose—there’s no filler here. Even the tiniest clue and details fulfills a purpose by the end.

As with most thrillers, there are multiple points of views. Some scenes are really short, and the switches can be a bit abrupt. Some bad guys are known from the start. Some good guys are questioned from the start. The identity of “the shooter” remains a mystery for a good long while, but the clues are there and it’s a logical build-up and reveal. Ms. Bradley did some nice research into profiling there.

I really found a heroine to root for in Taylor. I like that Taylor finds herself questioning Phil, trying so hard to believe him innocent when all the evidence points otherwise. Makes her very human and likeable. I liked Mark Cochran. Wish he could have his OWN tale someday. (Ahem, Ms. Bradley…?) Laurel Bradley is an RWA member and accomplished romance writer, so a HEA is assured for Taylor—after a stellar bumpy ride.

Definitely a book to read and an author to watch!

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