Posted by: reneewildes1 | April 22, 2012

Midwest Horse Fair 2012 – Madison WI

Woke up at 3 AM yesterday to go down to Madison for the Midwest Horse Fair with my daughter Tami. We went with my trainer Lori, her friend Joyce (Joyce drove), Joyce’s granddaughter Olivia who’s one year younger than Tami, and Melissa, one of Lori’s other boarders. Got down to the Coliseum before 7—no traffic. (Gee, I wonder why?)

Saw my first Friesian in the flesh. MUCH bigger in person than I thought. One Friesian stood a good 18 hands—his ears stuck up over the top of the stall door!  Poor guy looked smooshed in there. Hope they took him out on a regular basis! The Friesians were just awe-inspiring—now I know why they have them in all the movies! (Eragon & Ladyhawke come to mind here.) The Moresians (Morgan-Friesian cross) were just as impressive—just as big and black, only slightly less hairy on the legs.


They were doing finishing work on project mustangs for auction. There were signs on a lot of the mustangs’ stalls from their 4-H kids begging the public to NOT bid on so-and-so b/c they got attached and wanted to take their horses back home permanently. Hope people honored their wishes—that would be heartbreaking to lose your horse like that at the end of all things.

We saw demonstrations by the Canadian Knights of Valor jousting group (saw Shane Adams, Tim Tobey, Paladin and Crispin)—I didn’t know Paladin and Crispin were both rescue horses saved from slaughter. Very cool story there.  They’re all part of the History Channel show “Full Metal Jousting.”




We also saw a border collie herding calves, a mini cart drill team, and a trick-riding troupe.

The Gypsy Vanners are gorgeous paint draft horses. They come in two sizes—the big Vanners and a smaller Cob version. Both pretty. The Gypsy Vanner demonstration almost had a major wreck in the Nutrena arena. One of the Cobs tossed his rider and crashed into the fence, his saddle slipped under his belly and then he really freaked. Started pinballing off all the other horses. One of the other big Vanners reared almost vertical—how his rider stayed on I have NO idea. But they caught the loose horse and got him out of there and everyone else continued on. Scary moments, tough.


I found a “husband” for my Morab Sassy (AKA Temptation Fyre N Ice). His name’s Tuxedo Thyme and he’s a black Arabian stallion. Bred back to *Bask on his sire line and back to *Aladdinn, Khemosabi, and *Ansata Ibn Halima on his dam side. He’s also level-four in dressage, very athletic. But he has a kind eye, a sweet disposition and is the kind of kid-proof I’ve only ever seen in one other Arabian stallion—El Padrino.  (I’ve heard tales that Khemosabi also falls into that category.) Some links to Tuxedo Thyme are:

We tailgated for lunch & supper b/c show prices for food & drink were ridiculous. ($3.50 for a bottle of WATER?) Left after the liberty demonstration—Tuxedo Thyme opened the show and ROCKED the house! Got home after ten, am very sore today but it was WORTH it. We’re going back next year!



  1. Glad you had fun. They do have beautiful horses there. That place is very high on food and drinks.
    Sue B

    • Thanks for the welcome home! You HAVE to check it out someday! What do you think of Thyme? Isn;t he GORGOUS?

      • Well I didn’t see all the pictures and video the first time. Guess I didn’t wait long enough before I posted. LOL. Oh yes! He is beautiful. All the horses you have pictures of are so pretty. My ex boss shows her horses every year there. Not sure what kind she has though.
        Sue B

  2. Also went to Midwest horse fair in Madison. I’ve been going for many years. I got there about 9:30am on Saturday and ended up parking way in the back. The ground was soft and cars had to park on the grass which got some of them stuck.I saw even 4-wheel drive trucks getting stuck.I was one of the lucky ones that did not get stuck, put my truck in low low 4-wheel drive and slowly backed out. The fair did have some tow trucks pulling vehicles out. All in all it was a great turn out and enjoyed. myself. Friday & Saturday night events were spectacular,.you will see myself and girlfriends again next year.

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