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Review: Mercenary’s Promise

Mercenary's Promise
Mercenary’s Promise by Sharron McClellan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

White American girl goes down to Columbia to rescue her sister. Remind you of anything? Seriously, if you guessed “Romancing the Stone” you’d be half-right. It’s “Romancing the Stone” meets “Proof of Life.” Heroine Bethany Darrow’s sister’s been kidnapped by the FARC revolutionary group. After two YEARS of corporate mediating going NOWHERE, she’s deperate enough to hire mercenary Xavier Monero to plan and execute a rescue.

Two problems. One, she doesn’t HAVE the money she promised to pay him. Big fat liar… And TWO, he NEEDS the money ro rescue his OWN sister from a FARC group. I had a real problem with her “I’ll do anything to rescue MY sister but to hell with YOURS” attitude.

Bethany did WELL in the jungle, being a wilderness guide back home. She can handle a gun and she doesn’t freak under pressure. I really liked Xavier and the men in his unit. There was a chemistry and a cameraderie there – they were capable and had a certain droll “gallows” sense of humor. The chemistry between Xavier and Bethany was real and believable, but I still had a problem with THE LIE.
Double standards never sit well with me…

This was a fast exciting read – the action never stops and there are some NASTY twists and turns that were truly steller. The “ransoming hostages for money” as everyday routine is heartbreakingly real, and is both timely and emotional. I just wished I respected the heroine more. I understood why she did what she did, but I didn’t LIKE her for it.

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