Posted by: reneewildes1 | March 14, 2012

Welcome to Hell Week

Everyone who knows us knows about Hell Week – the rehearsal week before the Timberline Figure Skating Club ice show – this year it’s Footloose on Ice. Tami’s practicing on ice every night after school while I’m still at work. Homework’s a little shaky, she had to cancel her lessons at the Conservatory, we deal with hungry and cold and (so far minor) falls and injuries. She’s got to learn four different routines in a week, and in one of them she has to learn how to do a couple of moves in reverse (normally she does a waltz jump to the left but now has to do it to the RIGHT and muscle memory’s fighting her the whole way). The technical rehearsal (full run through w/lights & announcements) is Thursday, the full-on dress rehearsal is Friday night (FOLLOWED by any last-minute run-through for the individual numbers) and a last-minute synchro rehearsal Saturday morning. Two full shows Saturday – 1 PM and 7 PM.

Joshua’s birthday is Friday, and I’m supposed to take him and his two best friends Anthony and Brody paintballing and then Culvers. We’re having a pile of people staying over for the weekend – and a Chow that doesn’t like anyone in her house. I’m taking off Friday at 3 PM and seriously considering sending Abby to the Pet Lodge so she doesn’t bite my teenage nephew.

The plus side is I finished my judging duties early and this is my OFF week for my crit group and I was up for critique so I don’t have to read anything. My guest blogs are done. My interview w/Jason Baca that’s scheduled for 3/30/12 for my Sweet N Sexy Divas blog is done (all covers & pics selected). I notified the authors of the books whose covers I’m featuring, in case they want to cross-promo. I ordered a couple of new formats for Duality & Hedda’s Sword, and am working with a new LinkedIn contact for maybe a interview of ME.

Notice what I didn’t mention – writing. With four raffle baskets to buy for and a full-time job, and my nights spent at the rink, writing REALLY suffers this week. Will by picking up Josh’s birthday presents tomorrow morning. We all get a little freaked out. And tired. And crabby. **sigh** Come Sunday, we’re all sleeping in until NOON!

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