Posted by: reneewildes1 | February 11, 2012

Review: Live Wire

Live Wire
Live Wire by Lora Leigh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had to stop reading this one to read Heat Seekers first, then go back to this one. Lora Leigh has jumped onto my “must have/must keep” shelf with these guys.

Like Heat Seekers, LIVE WIRE is smokin’ HAWT. Tehya and Jordan have spent six long cold years working together and ignoring each other, ignoring the tingles and prickles and sparks and yearnings. He was her boss, and she was his assistant. Even though everyone ELSE on the teams could see it plain as day…

When these two finally got together – look out! Thought the pages might burst into flames! They had a LOT of time to make up for!

Like the other books in this series, though, they have bigger issues than just figuring out what to do with each other. Tehya’s spent her entire life on the run from a monster she had the supreme misfortune to call Dad. All her life she’s watched everyone who tried to protect her die a horrible death – including her own mother. So when dear old Dad apparently rises from the grave to come after Teyha AGAIN, Jordan expects her to pack up and run AGAIN.

Surprise – she’s tired of running. She’s tired of death. And she’s learned a lot about “stubborn” from her boss. So she dares to take a stand. And so Jordan and the teams find themselves having to protect a stationary target and trying to end it once and for all. To finally have some peace – and a future.

This was another story with lots of twists and turns, really horrific evil and a tremendous level of hope and goodness. Heroes who are heroes without being perfect. Teams who work together even when they disagree – and don’t even necessarily LIKE each other. Heroines who can be afraid and NOT be damsels in distress. Layers and layers of gray. Imperfect characters who have to reach for the impossible – a HEA they’ve never dared to dream of – and the will to make it happen.

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