Posted by: reneewildes1 | January 5, 2012


So it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Had a pretty horrific autumn 2011 and it’s time to put that all behind me and start fresh. Get back into a writing routine. That being said, I make the following vows:

1.) To read a book a week and review it on Goodreads. Last year’s reading goal was 100 books, impossible w/my schedule. A book a week is much more attainable. My Goodreads account has a lot of people following my reviews – and I’ve let them down. I vow to do better in that regard. I am already working on J.A Jance’s “Rattlesnake Crossing.”

2.) To got on Twtter daily with an update of either life or writing origin. Again, have been slacking and have lost a couple of folllowers who probably thought I died or something!

3.) To write DAILY. I am working on 2 manuscripts and will alternate days. I work on Marek Sn/T/Th and Dax M/W/F. I give myself Saturdays as an off day – running, skating, shopping, whatnot.

4.) To blog weekly. I plan on doing a personal piece on Sunday and a writing-related piece on Wednesday – a regular schedule.

5.) To attend one writer’s conference and enter one writing contest a year. Thinking of entering Marek in the Sandy, since they’re opening it up to published authors this year…

6.) To call my mother every week.


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