Posted by: reneewildes1 | August 28, 2011

Greetings From IRENE’S northern front

On vacation at dad’s house in Bowdoinham, Maine. Kids upstairs eating blueberry pancakes and bacon. Not feeling well today. Going to take it easy and maybe take a nap later this afternoon. Have everything ited down or put away for the storm this afternoon. Most of the rain s/b west of us, but have a generator just in case.

Saw the Blue Angels fly overhead from the airshow in Brunswick yesterday. Went to Old Port in Portland to see their version of Art in the Park. Was supposed to be an antique car show somewhere but we couldn’t find it. Stopped in Freeport on the way home to go to LL Bean but there was NO parking. Anywhere.

Today – everything’s shut down/closed/cancelled.

We’ll see how bad it gets. Irene should be pretty tired by the time she claws her way up here!<LOL>

Hanging out around the house today.



  1. Hi there! Inviting u to stop for lunch or so on way back home! Call me. We’d love to see u all! I can call tomorrow and see. Directions r easy to my house.

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