Posted by: reneewildes1 | August 13, 2011

A Newly Typical Week In The Life of THIS Writer

Woke up to son grousing, “Hold Still!” He’s trying to draw Abby & Chandra but they keep moving. He likes to draw but thinks he’s terrible at it. Aren’t artists always their own worst critics? Today’s Abby’s birthday. She’s two. Can Chows have terrible twos even when technically they’re fourteen? We decided to get her a can of Alpo for her birthday. If only the kids were that easy to please!

ACK – TWO teenagers in the house! Somebody save me…

Tami’s on the OTHER computer playing Wizards 101… Breakdancing dragons???

Todd’s making pancakes for breakfast. I missed the boat while checking emails – I like to add vanilla & cinnamon to the batter. Kids will just have to take straight today…

Only one more week until we leave for Maine. Spoke w/a provider biller yesterday from there. I had to ask her if she was from there, and when she asked why I said, “You sound just like my dad!” Made me homesick to just pack up and leave, but considering next Wednesday’s paycheck is financing the trip, I think I’d better wait. Hope my royalty check arrives before next Saturday. Could use a little extra.

Todd has to go p/u his last check from Pick N Slave. Bastards still fighting his unemployment. He had his first hearing. Still waiting to hear back. He’s been looking for new job but this isn’t exactly a hiring economy. WPS threatening to shut off our power. We DID get notice that Josh & Tami get free breakfast & lunch through school, we applied for Quest (WI Medicaid/Food Stamps) and will apply for energy assistance when it opens up next month. Todd’s cashing in his 401K & I’m applying to get my student loans on hold. Got a notice from the IRS that they want the $900 we owe on taxes. Yeah right. Where’s THAT supposed to come from?

This too shall pass…

Won a packet of stuff from fellow writer Ella Drake, came in the mail. Bookmarks & Trading Cards & a Samhain GC. Very cool – made my day! She’s a wicked talented writer – sci fi & fantasy romance.

Got confirmation from FF&P on dates for my two classes: My Beginner-to-Intermediate class, The SIX Senses, is 11/5-18/2012 and my Intermediate-to-Advanced class, SKINWALKING (close POV) is 8/13-19/2012. What’s really cool is I get PAID! First time ever. It never occurred to me that I’d get $$ – usually I just get a trade in promo, which also works. But a check? Very surreal…

She wanted to know if I had any other classes lined up. Not at the moment, but was REALLY tempted to ask my editor what else I was good at!<LOL> Sometimes doing something and teaching others how to do it are two completely different things!

Lined up another guest blog for my Riever’s Heart release next month. Only another 6 weeks!

Will be working on WIP, God of Fyre Mountain, which has been sadly neglected during the real-life family drama lately. Feel the need to WRITE! (Also need to distract myself from the only-one-week-to-go until we can leave for Maine!)



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