Posted by: reneewildes1 | June 26, 2011

Where Research Takes You–Pt 1

So “Taming of the Wolf” is no more. May it RIP…

In redoing MAREK’S NEW WORLD to send out again, as TWRP requested I do not submit THEIR version in its pure form, I reviewed the original research and looked for places to update and re-specify. Found plenty of opportunities to go from general to specific:

“a mountain spring” becomes “a Cabinet Mountains spring”

“I think it just brushed the town…Evan’s checking” becomes “I think it just brushed Troy but didn’t make it as far as Libby; Evan’s checking with both towns.”

“She repeated her questions in every Native language she knew” is expanded to follow that with “starting with the local Kootenai and Salish languages”

“the local paper’s on line one” becomes “Reporter from The Western News is still holding on line one”

I’ve researched quipas and pyramids, earthquakes and wolf reintroduction in Montana, Western Diamondback rattlesnake bite symptoms, (were THOSE some grodie photos!) the range of the snowshow hare, the types of trees found in NW MT, what color the uniforms are for the Lincoln Country Sheriff’s Dept., the fact that a “space blanket” is technically known as a “survival blanket” (thank you, Karen Powers!), the Missoula Ospreys baseball team, the history of mining in Montana, and I even threw in a BUFFY reference! I’ve also come to the conclusion that Kootenai National Forest has to be the most beautiful place on the planet…

So here’s to Marek finding a new home somewhere, as the beginning of a new trilogy in a new subgenre I call “Contemporary Rural Paranormal”…


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