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So I sent Riever’s Heart to my Samhain editor, Linda Ingmanson, on 3/13/11 and the nail-biting began.  The query letter was as follows:

“Good Afternoon Linda!
Enclosed is the finished 89 K erotic fantasy romance manuscript “Riever’s Heart” which is Verdeen’s story after she graduates from the elven military. Set in the Guardians of Light world.
Glass ceilings were meant to be shattered, even in the elven kingdom of Cymry. Not content with being Queen Dara’s lady’s maid, Verdeen ta Seppala entered the elven military academy. The first female in generations to do so, she sacrifices everything to do so. Her family disowns her. Even though she yearns to become a ranger, the war mares decline to accept her. She wonders what will become of her dreams to change the world.
Daq Aryk wants nothing more than for the endless wars in his land of Isadorikja to cease. Determined to unite his clans into a single nation, he arrives in Cymry seeking King Loren’s aid. The king assigns Verdeen as Aryk’s bodyguard and advisor during the unification process.
There’s just one problem: a powerful and undeniable attraction.
Always, Verdeen’s warrior has kept her woman in check. Until a fateful kiss in the academy gardens awakens the woman within. An experienced man like Aryk has no business getting involved with a beautiful but deadly maiden. She’s well trained but has no real battle experience. Aryk has no desire to see a beautiful woman destroyed in the upcoming wars. And he finds it harder and harder to avoid taking her to bed, which certainly was never part of King Loren’s plan.
“Riever’s Heart” is what happens when an award-winning fantasy romance writer decides to turn up the heat. A tale of a young woman coming to terms with balancing warrior and woman, career and love, and a warrior longing for peace and acceptance.

I hope you enjoy Riever’s Heart, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.”

Can’t ever get complacent, even with a series amd a book written specifically FOR that series. I’m not the most patient person in the world – just ask my kids! But Linda’s a busy lady so I tried to pretend she DIDN’T have it.

And then Mon, April 4, 2011 2:22:04 PM I got:

“Hi! Riever’s Heart looks great! I know a lot of your fans have been waiting for this one. A spot for a September release has opened up — does that work for you? It would mean we’d have to be done with edits by June. Let me know if that works for you and I’ll put in for a contract. Thanks!”

and at Mon, April 4, 2011 2:42:26 PM I got:

“Awesome! I’m so glad to have another great fantasy novel from you. I will put in for a contract, but Lindsey is at the RT conference, so you might not see it for a while, probably not until next week, so don’t panic if it doesn’t show up right away. I’m also going to attach the cover art form and the cover copy form, which are probably different from the last time you did these (oh joy, change!) so you can get started on those.
Thanks a million!
So RIEVER’S HEART Guardians of Light Book 5 is in the works and in our future!


  1. This is great! I have been eager to read this book since I read the blurb on your homepage. I love your writing. So it’s gonna be sometime in September?! Can’t wait!!

  2. Thanks Marirra! Glad you’re enjoying the series so far! I sent my webmistress Jo Dartlon an updated blurb and exceprt so people can get a taste of what’s coming! Stay tuned!

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