Posted by: reneewildes1 | February 19, 2011

First Meetings – Pt 4

It’s all well and good to buck the status quo to do what you believe is right. But how much easier is it to accomplish your goal if someone else who believes as you do comes and gives you a hand? Especially if you suddenly find yourself in over your head? That’s exactly what happens when dream faerie Pryseis and elven spirit healer Benilo team up to save a goblin child from debilitating nightmares – nightmares that are manifesting themselves in the real world. Here’s DUST OF DREAMS, Book 4 in the Gueardians of Light series:

He dragged himself over to Pryseis, brushed the glistening hair back from her face. Long shimmering strands, like iridescent silk, caressed his hand. Her skin was so soft. No bruising marred the pearly glow. He ran a hand down the curves of her body, checking for internal injuries. She seemed fine—except for being unconscious. Blurring vision warned him to conserve his strength. Dracken rue, he had once been able to do so much more than this! He reached out to the earth, to the water in the hot spring, to the deep fire making the water hot, to the air around him. Each in turn, drawing a bit of strength from each until his vision cleared and he stopped shaking. His headache dropped to tolerable.

Deciding it worth the risk, he drew Pryseis into his arms and held her close, reaching out with his own mind to brush hers. “Pryseis?” He waited a moment. “Can you hear me?”

Pryseis stirred. “It worked. You’re still alive.” She opened her eyes, and gasped. “You look terrible!” she whispered, reaching out her hand to trace his lips.

He fought the temptation to drown in her misty amethyst gaze, and reached out with his mind to touch the pain she bore—part overreaching with her own gift and part the sorcerer’s attack. He pulled it from her, much as he had the nightmares of the women and girls in Shamar. Then it had poisoned him. One more now would not make much difference.

But it would help Pryseis.

“What did you do?” she mind-sent. “Cease. Heal yourself first.”

 “I did.” He pulled some more power from the elements until the double-headache receded. “I imagine I look worse than I feel.”

She snorted. “Somehow I doubt it.”

“Food would help.” Benilo spoke this aloud.

Pryseis grimaced. “Brace yourself. They have a meat-based diet—roasted bats and even the porridge has grubs or maggots in it. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“You have eaten naught?”

“I’m not that hungry.”

Benilo considered their options. He could sustain himself for weeks if needs be on elemental power, but her situation was much more precarious. If she didn’t return to the sun and the pool… “I met Dax.”

Pryseis jerked at that statement. Tears welled. “He’s alive?”

Benilo nodded. “I found him in the cave and healed him. He made it to my people with the amulet.”

She started to shake, and Benilo found himself holding her closer. Part of him marveled at how right she felt in his arms, the ease with which they were able to speak mind-to-mind. How they had connected, how he had been able to find her through fathoms of the unkenned, almost as if they were…she was… He rejected the idea. She was not his life mate. Surely the Lady would not be so cruel?

But even as the possibility registered, his body stirred. The words of the vow crept into his mind. He swept them aside. What had he done to merit such an extraordinary person? He was the last thing Pryseis needed.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear.

He frowned. He did not want her gratitude. “Shh, now. Easy. You must rest.”

She shuddered. “Sleep brings me closer to his nightmares. He’s here. He’s right outside. I can sense him. But sleep brings me closer to everyone’s nightmares. They’re worse here. There’s something about this place. The sorcerer. Even—” She stopped, her cheeks flaming.

“What?” he asked.

“’Tis naught.” Pryseis refused to meet his gaze, but his mind caught an image of the two of them entwined afore she could censor the thought.

Ah—so it had been both of them there in the dream-mist. Even now he felt the silken slide of her skin against him, the soft curtain of her hair wrapped around them. Her legs wrapped around him.

“Cease!” she hissed. “’Twas just a dream.”

“Was it? We both had the same dream?” He raised a brow, daring her to negate the fact.

An adorable blush spread all the way down to her toes. Her skin heated against his.

“Now is not the time to bring that up.”

She was right. Benilo removed himself from temptation and sat up.


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