Posted by: reneewildes1 | February 17, 2011


So Valentine’s Day got me thinking about that whole boy-meets-girl moment, when their eyes meet for the first time…

So I decided to do an excerpt from each book, when my hero & heroine first get together, starting with Book 1 of my Guardians of Light series from Samhain, entitled DUALITY. Loren meets Dara after she saves his life by defeating (and dispatching) enemy assassins:

Loren studied the lad’s form. The way he walked, those long smooth arms… Awareness surfaced.

Tall as a man, dressed like a man, fights like a man, but he recalled the sweetness of the voice petitioning the Lady of Light on his behalf and wondered.

When his rescuer returned to his side and knelt aside him, Loren reached out with his good hand and yanked off the hat. A flowing mantle of hair tumbled to the ground. He reeled. A woman. That hair. It rippled in the dappled light from dark chestnut through fox red and flame orange, overlaid with bronze. Her gold eyes held the piercing clarity of a falcon’s. Their fierce and proud expression warred with the white lines of pain around her mouth.
Had pain blinded him? The lush fullness of her lips could only belong to a woman.
“Damn you,” she cursed. “What do you think you’re doing?”
Truth-hidden indeed. Not so young. His heart seized at her wild beauty. Life-debt. She defended his life at risk to her own and shed blood on his behalf. Dark creature or no, he owed life-debt to a woman. “Name?” 

“Dara,” she snapped. “Dara Kahn Androcles.”

The not-quite-true-name rang a familiar note in the back of his mind but he could not fathom why.


Glorie’ riven los Cymry yani. To the Lady you pray?” He shuddered. The edges of his focus shimmered. Not yet, Lady. One minute more. “Rest…”
Tears slid down her cheeks as she rough-bound his wounds.

“Not my time.” He tried to rise and clenched his teeth at the blinding wave of agony.

Dracken rue! 

“Pain’s our friend. Tells us we’re not dead.”

The world shifted back into focus. “I shall heal. Time I need, and sleep. See to your own wound first.” Her pain beat at him, more burn than sword-cut.

“’Tis just a scratch.” She took a shallow breath. “I must get that arrow out afore you move. Much as hazel helps, I can’t leave you here. A storm’s brewing and it’s cold at night. You must come with me. I’ve medicine to help you.”

Human medicine… Loren grimaced. “Hazel is all I need.”



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