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So I write to music anyway, and all my books have their own soundtracks in general. Lately I’ve gotten more…sophisticated…with how the music’s handled. It’s cultural…it’s scene specific…and nowhere is it more noticeable than in my love scenes lately.

Now, I have two confessions to make. One – I am NOT a guy. <LOL> Shocker, I know. So how to get into a male POV in the most intimate of scenes when there’s nowhere to hide? Second confession – I stand in total awe of Lori Foster. Met her at a writer’s conference and was almost too overwhelmed to say hello. Love her. Envy her. She GETS guys. Her male POV scenes are both intimidating and inspiring.

So I started playing different music for my love scenes. I still use Enya and Kate Price for my female POV scenes. Soft, romantic, sweeping, full of emotion, a bit poignant. But they’re too just plain girlie – too sappy – for guys. Really. So I pulled out my two favorite guys – Jimi Jamison and Johnny Gioelli – and asked them for help. (No, not literally. If I ever met them in person, I’d probably embarrass myself by swooning.) But I listened to Survivor’s “Vital Signs” and Axel Rudi Pell’s “Ballads III” (and re-read Lori Foster) and thought about the differences between girl-sex and guy-sex.

What I didn’t expect (as an ignorant non-guy woman) was that there were nuances  in guy-sex, too. Jimi and Johnny are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Jimi’s all newness and yearning, hopes and wishes, a bit of fear. Johnny’s more heat and intensity, very alpha, a bit dark. Jimi’s persuasion seduction. Johnny’s overwhelming seduction. So I played Jimi when Aryk seduces Verdeen for her first time in “Riever’s Heart,” and Johnny when Dax pins Maili to the wall in “Fyre Mountain.” I absolutely loved what happened both times!

My editor is somewhere in Connecticut shaking her head at the slowness of some of her authors. I’ve always done love scenes in the female POV because, well, that’s all I really know. But I’m branching out with the next two, getting more confident in the flip-side of that coin. I hope everyone likes the results.

Somewhere Lori Foster is laughing her head off at this…



  1. Not laughing at all. Well, smiling real big!
    I’m flattered.

    Thank you. 🙂

    Happy writing!


    • Morning Lori!
      Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for showing me the way!

  2. I think that would be heard to choose music to write by. I feel differant when I play differant kinds of music. And I think if I wrote it would change my writing depending what I wrote.

    • You absolutely hit it on the head – that’s why it’s such an integral part of my writing process. Definitely a difference between Warlock and Medaieval Baebes, which is why I reserve Warlock for intense battle scenes and MB when I’m in the elven lands…

  3. I am NOT a writer, but this totally makes sense to me! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to write from the male’s pov! You are right though, Lori is very good at it!

    It makes sense that different music helps with different characters, depending on what he/she is doing in the story and the reasons they are doing it.

    Even though I don’t write, it has always fascinated me how people write and what inspires them while they write!

    Very interesting blog, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Missy!
      Nice to hear from another Lori fan! (Love the Avatar – very pretty.)

  4. Janice Joplin is my favorite for fevered scenes. The intense emotion is all there in her voice.

    • Absolutely – intensity is KEY! Bringing out emotion is where it’s at.

  5. My problem is that when I play music I have to stop writing in order to listen to it. I don’t seem to be able to focus on writing while also allowing the music to sweep me away. Clearly I’ve got my own guy POV as I can’t multitask at all 😉

    • With two kids I’ve refined the art of tuning out – someone’s always yelling at someone in this house! I’m so used to noise I can’t do quiet – blank sound is like a blank page. So with a guy POV you probably have the complete opposite problem, huh?

  6. I have a playlist I listen to while I write. I like it loud. Mostly Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, KORN, Marilyn Manson, a little Aerosmith and Alanis, some Macy Gray… I do sing along while I’m writing. Don’t know how that works but it does. 😉

    Happy Holidays all!

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