Posted by: reneewildes1 | November 29, 2010


And so I finished – my computer says 50,531 & NaNo counter says 50,586. What’s up with that? My  house is a wreck, my kids think they’re orphans and I might never be able to look a cup of dark roast in the eye again…

I think it snowed at some point – the ground is all white and crunchy. When did that happen?

THE GOD-KING OF FYRE MOUNTAIN – Sequel to DUST OF DREAMS, starring Dax, with all your old favorites: Dara and Loren, Pryseis and Benilo, Alani (boo!), Anuk, Pahn, Prince Brannan and New Moon (the feathered vampire-less variety). The bad news is – Alani’s the bad guy/girl. No really. The weird news is, Anuk gets to be a hero. Sort of. No really. The good news is, I found a wife for Prince Brannan. No really, I did. Only took six books – hey, the boy is STUBBORN.

The bad news is, Alani sent Dax off to the ends of the earth, never to be seen again. The good  news is, he meets the woman of his dreams there. (Her name is Maili.) The weird news is her family thinks he’s a god. The really bad news is they find out he’s not… And the really really bad news involves a cranky volcano and a witch doctor with a yen for shrinking heads…

And so it’s over. Sort of. Now to turn it into something coherent that won’t gag my editor. On the plus side, there’s some really hot sex scenes. No really. Especially for me. On the minus side, my word counts going down the second I delete all those – gasp! – adverbs with an “-ly’ suffix-only search. Needs worldbuilding. And some research. And locking down some elvish speech patterns. And a few choice troll curse words…

Well, okay, so it’s never really over.



  1. Congrats Renee. Looking forward to reading it.

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