Posted by: reneewildes1 | September 11, 2010

My Pretty New Office

So, we recently bought a house last November with four bedrooms, so I was able to have an office for the first time in my life. At my old house I wrote at the kitchen table! Having an office with a door is pure luxury!

Now the rule is, if the door’s shut, the only interruptions permitted better involve either blood or bones. Of course, there’s the time my daughter Tami knocked on the door and held out a chicken bone saying, “Leftover chicken’s GONE, Mom – and we’re still hungry!”

(I should have been more specific…)

One of my hobbies is I love to scrapbook. It’s relaxing and it beats stacks of photo albums falling apart all over the place or drawers stuffed full of photos. So the scrapbooking followed me into writing. I have a framed scrapbook page for each book in the series, so I have the framed book cover above the page I did for each story. Duality was autumn, with oranges and leaves, Hedda’s Sword was winter with ice blue and snowflakes, Lycan Tides is turquoise with lighthouse stamps, and Dust of Dreams is browns with pictures of caves.

In writing fantasy there’s an ecclectic mix of high fantasy ala Tolkien, mythology ala Campbell combined with pagan, Celtic, Nordic and Native American influences. I always have music playing when I write. I’m as likely to listen to Spirit Nation as Danu or Garmarna. I have the Indian Ten Commandments next to the Green Man, a bumper sticker on my printer that reads “A Day Without Fairies Is A Day Without Sunshine,” and a Native American hide pseudo-dreamcatcher that reads “Pursue not things that catch your eye, but the things that capture your heart.” I’m a history buff, a mythology & LOTR junkie, and I love research. I’ve got 3 6’x3′ bookshelves crammed to overflowing. My “writing” books, though, are right on my desk, within easy reach.

I write in the mornings after the kids go to school and before work, then evenings, weekends and holidays. I manage a book a year. I’m currently juggling right now with my son Josh’s football schedule, my daughter Tami’s figure skating schedule, and the dog’s obedience classes. I’m trying to finish my current WIP before the holiday craziness. This morning I had a 9 AM football game (pre-game practice at 8!) and an author appearance at the local library at 11. It rained. Luckily I wasn’t wearing TOO much mud when I transitioned from “I’m-freezing-I-need-coffee-football-mom” to “glamorous, successful romance author.”
You can see more of me at my website and my Samhain author page . I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.

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