Posted by: reneewildes1 | July 30, 2010

DUST OF DREAMS Up For Book of the Week at LASR!

Some of what she had to say:

“Strong characters with closely held convictions inhabit Renee Wildes’ Guardian of the Light series. Book Four: Dust of Dreams is no different. The characters, plot and conflict grabbed me from the first.

Ms. Wildes crafts complex yet believable worlds. The reader sees the goblin’s maze of muddy tunnels and smells the mineral-rich water, and experiences the different societies that inhabit this amazing land.

As I’ve said before, Dust of Dreams is the fourth book of the series. It stands well alone, but I recommend starting the series at the beginning with Duality. Not because you have to. Because you’ll want to. They’re that good.”

Other Nice Reviews:   This is a really good read and I enjoyed the author’s writing style.  The characters were fun to meet and the array of races and how they were each important in their own way was well thought out. Faeries, elves, dwarves, trolls and goblins…oh my!  Pryseis is steadfast in her convictions and Benilo is the mate we all wish we could have that knew if we were tired would say it’s ok to take a nap or if we were hungry (wink wink) would jump at the chance to make sure that we were satisfied. ~ Natalie, 

The writing flows like poetry in Renee Wildes’ story, Dust of Dreams.  The lyrical quality of Ms. Wildes’ writing lures the reader into another world where everything is different, every element of wind, fire, water and air holds meaning and magical qualities.  Although the world building was at times over-whelming, I felt a tender concern for the goblin child.  I hoped that Pryseis would find the man in her dreams and that she would survive her daunting adventure.  Ms. Renee Wildes’ created characters to care about and a fantastic adventure in this delightful tale, Dust of Dreams.  

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