Posted by: reneewildes1 | July 9, 2010

Countdown: DUST Secondary Characters

What to do about Prince Brannan?

There were quite a few people who wanted to see more of King Loren’s little brother, fledgling spirit-healer & Benilo’s apprentice. He is cursed with everyone underestimating him, so he needed his own moment to shine. When Pryseis is taken prisoner by the goblins, Benilo goes to her aid. Brannan doesn’t like his mentor going off alone, but he follows orders to stay home.

Until an injured troll shows up bearing every indication of being healed by Benilo.

Dax is Pryseis’ nephew, half-troll/half-faerie. He was traveling w/Pryseis when they were attacked by the goblins. Pryseis was taken prisoner and Dax would have died if Benilo hadn’t come along. Benilo orders Dax to carry a message to the elves. King Loren is reluctant to risk a war over two missing people, but Brannan can’t stand the thought of his mentor in danger and so determines to mount a rescue of his own…with Dax’s help.

Elf and troll. Always before they’ve been enemies. Can they ever be friends, or will one terrible secret shatter those bonds forever?



  1. Gets better with every one you post!

  2. Ooh, enjoying the countdown, Renee!! Can’t believe it’s time for book 4–yay!!

  3. been a while, hasn’t it? darn day jobs!

  4. Dax is my favorite character. I love hearing about him.

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