Posted by: reneewildes1 | March 26, 2010


Those who  know me will tell you I’m NOT a basketball fan…well, except for the Harlem Globetrotters and the annual Alumni vs. Varsity Donkey Basketball game at WA. Nope, for the Mickelson household March Madness entails something entirely different. My son’s birthday and my daughter’s annual figure skating show. A full week of thrills, spills, temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, tears and hurt feelings. This year, throw into the mix a semi-adopted stray Newfie dog that got reclaimed by its owner and a new black Chow puppy that’s NOT as housebroken as the lovely breeder led us to believe.

Tami’s skating rehearsals were every night from Friday 3/12/10 through show Saturday 3/20/10. Joshua’s Family birthday party was Sunday 3/14/10 & his friend party was Sunday 3/21/10. His actual birthday was 3/16/10 and our schedule THAT day was p/u Tami from school 3:15 – p/u Josh from school 4:00 – go to The Filling Station for quick supper/didn’t finish/kids eat in car on the way to skating – on ice at 5 PM – take Josh and dad to DCE MS band concert by 6 PM – go back to retrieve Tami from rink – p/u Josh & dad from concert at 6:30 (meant to join them, but by the time we got there the concert was over) – go home for cake and presents.

Only one set of grandparents made Josh’s birthday. NO relatives made it to Tami’s ice show – her two fourth grade teachers did, though. Spent all day Saturday at the rink as locker room mom – both shows. Starving girls mowing granola bars and fruit snacks, changing costumes and lacing skates, finding lost scrunchies and hair ribbons (also one lost costume and a missing DS gamechip-thingie). Baby-catfights and tears, torn mondors, broken laces – sharing makeup and hair glitter. Discovered hair spray works as well as Static-Gard (and smells a lot better!). Was a little peeved at the end when everyone went home and I got stuck w/singlehandedly cleaning the entire locker room by myself.

Now – the dog. The Newfie stray got reclaimed on Josh’s birthday. Family tears all around. Found Chow puppy in the paper. Six months, housebroken, good with kids, cats and other dogs. Perfect. Went to look at her Thursday night. Breeder thought we’d take her home that night. Was hoping to pick her up Sunday afternnon AFTER all the mayhem. Breeder wanted her gone before she had to work two double-shifts in a row. Came back Friday morning with a leash. Puppy NOT housebroken – spend weekend in our bathroom when people could not directly watch her. Puppy permanently banished from the upstairs. Still kennels in back bathroom when no one home. Puppy good with cats, but our cat hates her. Hisses and swats if puppy even LOOKS in  her general direction. Puppy likes SOME dogs, growls at others. Puppy already “guard” mode – growls at anyone NOT US (or next-door-neighbor kid). Her bark is more a snort – very odd sound. Her favorite hobby is chasing dried leaves blowing on the sidewalk – and birdwatching. Except when she birdwatches and doesn’t look where she’s going and bangs into a tree.

Her name is Abby. She looks like a woolly bear – still has her fuzzy puppy coat. We love her already. Working on the housebreaking. Chows not like other dogs – they don’t fawn all over you, licking and pestering. Abby lays right next to you and just chills. Very catlike.

So now everything’s back to normal. Two kids, two horses, a cat and a dog. Typical Midwestern family, I guess. Hopefully next year will be a bit less chaotic. Yeah right – I say that EVERY year!



  1. I do NOT envy you your March, Renee. Sounds like a combination of nightmare/fun. We go through this for dance recital in June. The drama is amazing.

    Loved the puppy description. Good luck with that.

  2. Hey Liz!
    Good Luck in June. I can so sympathize. Abby is now housebroken and her obedience training at PetsMart is paying off. She bolted out the front door when I was talking to someone and started doing laps around the house. No one was going to catch her – until I pulled out the clicker. She heard that sound, plowed to halt and came running for her treat! I gave her the treat, and hauled her little fuzzy butt back in the house!

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