Posted by: reneewildes1 | January 17, 2010

My Home Office

That’s the bonus to the new house – bedroom #4 can be a separate writing haven. Bookshelves, computer desk, file cabinet, printer, CD stand (top shelf removed to double as a bookshelf for MY books). All tucked away from the family so I can play Atahualpa over and over while I write Dust of Dreams without having to listen to “OMG, Mom – not AGAIN?” 500 times.

On the door are my Dec 2009 interview for my company newsletter and the posters from my 11/7/09 book signing at Racine B&N for Duality. Behind the door are a Thomas Kinkade lighthouse picture (inspirational for Lycan Tides) hanging above the Indian Ten Commandments. Moving around the room:

The only window, covered by the Green Man wall hanging (he creeps both my kids out, but I think he’s cool), with file cabinet & spare computer parts beneath it.  Have to pay to recycle those – am waiting for the next day posted by the city for that. Then comes my computer desk, all my writing books on the shelf and Hedda’s win certificates from Where The Magic Begins, Barclay Sterling & Dixie Kane hanging above it. Top 5 favorite writing books: The First Five Pages, Writing the Breakout Novel, 45 Master Characters, Word Painting, and The Novel Writer’s Toolkit. My two favorite writing “instructors” are Donald Maass & Bob Mayer.

One the next wall are my CS stand, with selections from Celtic to gothic metal to Native American to Nordic. Atahualpa & Axel Rudi Pell through Enya through Nightwish through R. Carlos Nakai through Wimme. Eclectic. I have a double row of pictures on the wall. Each framed book cover hanging over the corresponding scrapbook page. Have one space left for the next book. Then come the Fab Five and Ignite the flame win certificates.

On the next wall are two big bookshelves with all my reading books and “critter books” (kept all my vet tech/lab animal tech books, and have a pretty big Arabian horse library). My favorite non-romance authors are there: Tolkien, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Terry Brooks & Mercedes Lackey. Have all the old LUNA fantasy titles Catharine Asaro through Sarah Zettel (before they broke my heart by changing their format from fantasy to urban paranormal). Also have Little Women, Jane Austin & The Wizard of Oz. Then come my romance book case with Suzanne Brockmann, Lori Foster, Sherrilyn Kenyan/Kinley McGregor, Pamela Palmer, JR Ward, Angela Knight, Christine Feehan, Johanna Lindsey, Joy Nash, Sandra Hill, Bianca D’Arc, & Elizabeth Vaugn’s “Warprize” series.

Next to the door is my research bookshelf – Celtic & Nordic Myths & Legends, the Kalevala, Saga of the Icelanders, Ancient Egypt & Greece/Sparta through Dark Ages through Medieval Times. Have a whole shelf devoted to Colonial America/Revolutionary War. I love the Edwin Tunis series from Johns Hopkins – use him for reference all the time.  Love the book “The Year 1000” too.

It’s my own little haven where I can shut the door and I can be a writer for a bit, instead of just “Mom.” The kids know when the door is shut, the only interruptions allowed are if blood’s involved.  Otherwise I don’t even answer the phone! Beats writing at the kitchen table.


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