Posted by: reneewildes1 | December 30, 2009

Never Move During the Holidays!

It’s my own fault. I went and looked at it – four bedrooms, three and a half baths, enough wood to make it part farmhouse, part hunting lodge. Porch in front & back. One car garage w/storage galore. Everything new – furnace, water heater, ductwork, wiring, roof, windows, insulation. Fabulous new kitchen w/twice the cupboards I had. <sigh> Rent-to-own. No downpayment. New appliances. Only $60 more that I was paying (for a lot less house). Pets okay. Dogs okay (we have a cat). Master bedroom downstairs – kids bedrooms upstairs. Extra bedroom upstairs for writing office. Extra room in dining room for scrapbooking corner/second table.

So I said yes. Moved a load every morning before work and every evening after work. Amazing what fits in a minivan without the rear (and middle) seats. Discovered how to remove said seats. Discovered it’s harder to  put them BACK afterwards. Learned things that don’t fit IN can be lashed on top (like queen-sized pillowtop mattresses) but you have to drive slow, something that does NOT come naturally to me.

We killed Josh’s bunk beds – they fell apart when we tried to dismantle. Probably wouldn’t have fit in the room anyway, truth be told. We got a BIG dumpster and threw everything away we didn’t want to take with us – including all the busted stuff my husband was hanging onto that he was gonna “fix someday.” (Hint: We’ve been married over twelve years. Some of that stuff predated me. He’s had enough time to fix those speakers. I tossed them.) We had three HALF bikes, none of which were interchangeable – tossed those, too. Tossed the godawful elephant of an entertainment center, also. Using a busted dresser (sans drawers) for an entertainment center. Stereo equipment under on one side, nightstand under on other side with scrapbooks and photo albums in it, and the TV on top – fits perfectly in one corner of the living room.

Finally have my picture of Stonehedge up on a WALL – in the living room. Have a dragon in the Virgin Mary alcove. My in-laws now thoroughly convinced I’m a sacriligious pagan witch. My friend Holly hemmed a couple of Celtic hangings I’m using as curtains. I have the Green Man in my office and the Tree of Life in my bedroom. Can’t wait for the in-laws to see those.

Tami’s room is books-and-horses. Breyer, real saddle, posters. Very PINK. Josh’s room is MN Vikings, Star Wars and Legos – in no particular order!

We unpacked & decorated the tree right away. Have lighted candy cane, poinsetta, & snowman in windows. Actually have snowmen all over the house (it’s my collectible “thing”) – that and candles. Tami made an awesome Christmas ornament in art class that’s on the tree. We cut out paper snowflakes and put those in all the windows. (Planning on getting vertical blinds in the living room – Home Depot has the best prices on those.)

Found out the smoke detectors work. George Foreman grill set it off. Problem is there’s one in every room of the house and they’re all wired together! We were deaf for a week! Only way to turn them off is to hit the breaker in the basement. Now know to turn on ALL the ceiling fans when we grill in. (December in Wisconsin – we sure as shootin’ aren’t grilling OUT!)

Speaking of ceiling fans, the cat was traumatized for a week. She’s never seen them before. Thought giant five-armed eagles were dropping on her head. She spent the first day in the back bathroom with her food, water & litter box. Second day she hid under our bed in the master bedroom. Third day she hugged the wall and dove under the tree in the living room. Fourth day she discovered the cold air returns in the floor. Day five she finally crept upstairs, only to get herself locked in a closet. She still keeps one eye on those ceilings.

Only “down” side is we live next to railroad tracks. Seriously, NEXT TO as in right across the street from. Whole house rumbles and shakes when one goes by. Cat hates that, too. Good news is, no train whistle from 7 PM to 7 AM. I expect eventually even the cat will learn to ignore it.

Kids start new schools on Monday. Tami’s school’s just a few blocks away – she can walk there. Josh has to take a special city bus devoted strictly to the middle school. They’re apprehensive about making new friends, but I have faith in them to find their own ways. Only thing constant is chage – no time like the present to learn that.


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