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GOT WOLF? Introducing “Marek’s New World”

GOT WOLF? Introducing “Marek’s New World” by Renee Wildes

MAREK’S NEW WORLD by Renee Wildes
When park ranger Cheyenne Refferty’s truck is disabled in a MT earthquake, she thought her day couldn’t get any worse. Until she runs afoul of a demon from the ancient past – and the charismatic warrior sent to destroy it…
I’m a nature girl at heart – much more comfortable horseback riding through the woods than shopping in a mall. So when I heard about the Got Wolf? contest at the 2008 WisRWA Conference, I knew I had to pick a natural spot for my setting. “Rural fantasy” instead of “urban fantasy” – it’s much more “me.” I’ve taken several trips out west, across the Rockies, visiting Yellowstone, and knew that’s where I wanted to go. Someplace wild and rugged, off the beaten path. Kootenai Nat’l Forest caught my eye. Love the name. Love the location. NW MT, almost Idaho. Almost Canada. Earthquakes? Check. Reintroduced wolf packs? Check. Tiny towns nestled within immense tracts of wilderness? Check. Perfect place to hide a werewolf civilization. And it came naturally to have a heroine as concerned about the state of the natural world as I was, so making her a park ranger with the forestry service totally worked. Who wouldn’t want to preserve something that looks like this:

Marek never expected the future to be oblivious to the danger. The new world is a fearsome and wondrous place. His only ally is a beautiful white-wolf Shifter who makes him burn – and doesn’t understand a word he says. The demon killed everyone he loved. He won’t risk losing another.

Cheyenne’s never met anyone like Marek. Her family doesn’t trust him, but Cheyenne can’t stay away. She vows to help him, whether it costs her her heart – or her life.

There’s more to the demon than Marek realizes. But there’s more to Cheyenne’s powers and destiny than she suspects – powers that will shape the future of the Pack forever…


“Don’t move!” Cheyenne pointed her shotgun at the blood-smeared stranger as he stood and turned away from the prone body. Sister growled at the stench of the yellow-green goo that splattered the ground and the men. Cheyenne feared she’d come upon a murderer, but the raw agony in the living man’s eyes belied that. “What’s your name? What happened here?”
He frowned. Puzzlement clouded his gaze. She repeated her questions in every Native language she knew. Frustrated, her repertoire exhausted, she fell silent and studied him. Clad only in moccasins and intricately tooled leather breeches that buttered his muscular thighs, he stood tall and straight before her, covered in human blood and bits of that weird sulfur-smelling goo. Long raven hair tied back with a leather thong revealed a proud, almost raptorial visage, with piercing black eyes and a strong jaw. Native cast, but with an aristocratic edge that set him apart.
Used to fit men from the braw males of her own Pack, she still couldn’t repress a feminine shiver. This was without a doubt the most ripped man she’d ever seen. She wondered if he was some kind of soldier, doubtful with that hair.
Leave it to her to find a romance-cover-model-turned-ax-murderer in the middle of nowhere…
I hope you enjoy reading Cheyenne’s and Marek’s tale of love and adventure! For more info about me and my books, please feel free to visit me at:


  1. Awesome excerpt, Dee.

    Very cool that you were able to get included in the anthology.

  2. Thanks Liz!
    I talked to Donna at the Conference and she encouraged me to try it. Didn’t know if I could do short. Might try another sometime – already thinking up sequels

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