Posted by: reneewildes1 | September 14, 2009

Booksigning Without Kids

Just got home from Maine a couple hours ago. Cat is currently SLEEPING in my not-quite-emptied suitcase – what’s up with that? Flew out EARLY Friday morning. Like got-up-at-three-A.M. early. Tried to save $$ on The tradeoff to that is…LOTS of connections and layovers. Wausau-to-Chicago-to-Portland on the way out and Portlands-to-Dulles/Washington, DC-to-Chicago-to-Wausau on the way back. United charges $$ to “check” bags. Didn’t know that. Didn’t have it on me. Fortunately the suitcase was small enough to qualify as a carryon. The security guards threw away my 4-oz. thingie of toothpaste.

Went out to lunch at Old Port, ate at a restaurant with an outside patio. Seagulls and pigeons kept divebombing people & stealing potato chips. There were two cruise ships in port. Biggest boats I’ve ever seen. According to the waitress, they were little ones. Yep – hick from Wi, that’s me, gawking at the li’l ol’ cruise ship. There’s a “whale wall” done by Wyland that’s apparently going bye-bye b/c the building’s being torn down. Sad. <sigh>

Had a great impromtu party at the Elks Club. Gave away a bunch of bookmarks and business cards and brochures (excerpts & reviews) until I ran out. Then we had a fantastic dinner at the Admiral’s (Admiralty?) Steakhouse. Wonderful place to celebrate – not really for every day for most folks. (Okay, poor people like me!) Had a ball. Met a lovely couple, friends of my dad’s, who’d been to Scotland <sigh> and Ireland <double sigh>. They had all kinds of interesting ghost stories – and more mundane stories about, like, forgetting to plug the electricity meter and having all the power go out!

The book signing was a great success. Sold every book Borders had – could have used a few more, as a couple folks left empty-handed and will have to order it. I’ll get some book plates to sign, and told them to email me their addresses so I can still get them “autographed copies” since I’m not really in the neighborhood, as they say. Borders did a lovely job, with a table complete w/tablecloth (very pretty) right up front, and they made announcements. Bill, the coordinator, rocks – VERY nice to work with. they let me leave bookmarks & business cards. The local paper did an article advertising the signing – I got copies. And the party afterward at the Elks Club was a whole lot of fun. Both bartenders are fantasy fans, so maybe they’ll check out the books.

Called home Saturday night – missed my kids. Joshua’s first football game was that day – his team won, and one of their 6 touchtowns was his! Then he played street-football at his friend Ryan’s  b-day party & skinned up his knee. His adult half-brother Bryan showed up and watched Josh play, so Josh had a pretty good day. Tami had a terrible day – TOO MUCH FOOTBALL is what I heard. (Until her Giants beat my Redskins – she was entirely too gleeful about that one! Josh’s Vikings and Todd’s Packers won, too. (Everyone but me!)

Broke my glasses – got head-butted by a yellow Lab and the pin in the bow went flying God-knows-where. So we spent some detour-time at Sears Optical, and I gave her a bookmark, too. Met my uncle’s new wife. Nice lady. I went to a skeet/trap-shooting competition w/my dad on Sunday. I guess Richmond & Bowdoinham have this 50+-year rivalry going on & they have an annual contest to decide the next year’s bragging rights. Bowdoinham won this year (again). Ended the evening with a chicken barbeque at the American Legion.

My home flight was delayed an hour b/c United in their infinite scheduling wisdom decided to have our plane crewed by an International flight crew flying in from Quebec. The first officer got hung up in customs, had to run through like the entire airport, and then fly our plane. Finally got home!

Crazy crazy weekend!



  1. Care and compas- sion have to be number one. ,

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