Posted by: reneewildes1 | August 30, 2009

Booksigning With Kids

Hubby worked inventory yesterday. Note to self: NEVER schedule a booksigning on the last Saturday of the month. EVER. Came downstairs in black pants, burgundy-and-black print blouse, & black jacket w/my Barclay Sterling & Where the Magic Begins pins. (Okay, Hedda won them and not Duality, but who’s counting?) My son told me how nice I looked. (Wonder what a hag I usually appear to warrant THAT from Mr. Oblivious?) My daughter’s comment? “Ma, why are you wearing your riding boots?” Umm…because they’re the only thing I have with heels?

Three hours in car w/2 kids and 1 gameboy. (2nd note to self: buy gameboy for next-closest holiday…) Box of granola bars not big enough. Next time buy case. Music to listen to on the way down: Nightwish and Jaded Heart’s “Synical Minds.” Josh fell asleep. (Only HE could sleep through hard rock!)  Tami stole the gameboy. Rain threatened. Left at 8:15 in case something happened.

Nothing happened. Arrived early. L or R on 76th street? Haven’t been in this part of Milwaukee in over six years. Flipped a coin. Turned L. North. Shoulda turned R. South. (Note to self – spend coin. Next time use another.) Wound up in residentialsville. No businesses. Turned around after Josh woke up and asked, “Where are we?”

Can tell my kids live in a small town. They were totally overwhelmed by the FOOD COURT and were WAY too entertained by the escalator. Best babysitter in the world!

Everyone at the book store was really nice. I had a pretty little table right at the front of the store so I could meet and greet everyone coming and going. They had 20 copies of DUALITY and a nice sign in plexi. I brought my 2006 WisRWA FabFive Silver Quill award (THAT WAS won by Duality), excerpt brochures, reviews brochures, business cards, bookmarks and Samhain pens. I also had Hershey’s Nuggets chocolates in a crystal candie dish, my blood-red depression-glass goblet, and the framed covers of Hedda’s Sword and Lycan Tides. Made a nice display.

Fellow Samhain authors Liz Kreger and Mary Hughes stopped in to say hi – and they bought Duality. Liz was tremendous help getting me through my first Samhain contract – I will always be grateful. And her scifi romance “A Part of Tomorrow” series ROCKS. I have both titles. Found out Mary’s “Biting Nixie” comes out in print 11/1/09 – same date as Hedda’s Sword. I’m in awe of Mary – she managed to hush up a certain editor at the WisRWA conference who’s legendary for always finding SOMETHING wrong w/a manuscript…until Mary’s. Mary’s now LEGEND! Definitely want to  do a double signing with her. Both paranormal – she’s got the snarky sassy voice and I’ve got the drama. We did a Samhain chat party together and it was a ball. I soooo want to do one LIVE…

My sister stopped in dragging two of her friends. A WisRWA friend Marilyn stopped in, as well – awesome surprise! Had a lot of people stop, and ask questions. They all took some literature about the book – heck, I gave a bookmark to everyone who left with a book-in-a-bag. I figure they could always use a bookmark WHATEVER they were reading…

If one more teenager asked if Duality was like Twilight, I woulda screamed…

I told people Duality was my Cinderella story and Hedda’s Sword was like Sleeping Beauty…(That analogy ran thin when I got to Lycan Tides, however!) But what “Cinderella For Grownups” didn’t win over, there’s always “total escapism” and the guaranteed good-triumphs-over-evil and the HEAs. Sold 8 books and gave away probably 30 bookmarks or brochures, so some of those might come back. Wonder how many people will check out the website?

The kids got bored. Tami curled up with some teen mag featuring Hannah Montana and Josh rode the escalator and ogled girls. Help! Puberty’s coming! I must have heard “I’m hungry” at least 7 times. Ate “Big Easy” down in the food court. Pouring rain on the way home. Josh again fell asleep. Tami again hogged the gameboy. I sang along w/David Redman/PC69 and managed to miss my exit (29 off 39) and had to turn around in Rib Mountain. Coulda been worse. Could have ended up in Merrill…

Lesson learned – chocolate’s good, but attracts kids. Plus side – kids usually followed by moms. Anne Cain covers are REALLY good eye-catchers. (If she ever quits or dies, my writing career is over. Anne Cain, may you live forever!)<LOL> Really DO need 2 gameboys. Only do book signings is stores near escalators. The “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty” angle works well – easy for people to grasp. Riding boots only comfortable while SITTING.

Am making a sign that says “Duality is NOT like Twilight” to save me the trouble of repeating myself…

What did I do when I got home? Put my feet up, waded through 1500+ emails and watched Ladyhawke!



  1. Ah, the life of a writer mom! Congrats on a successful first signing! Eight books is a great number. 🙂

    Like Twilight. *sigh* But hey, they stopped to ask. That’s a good thing.

  2. Am making a sign that says “Duality is NOT like Twilight” to save me the trouble of repeating myself…

    Love that! Liz said you were doing really well at the signing, getting people to stop and talk to you. She didn’t tell me about the kids, though. LOL

  3. Dee, major congrats on your first book signing! You know how much I loved the opening of DUALITY (LOL), and I look forward to buying my copy the next time I see you. 🙂

  4. LOL The kids sound typical.

    Glad you had a good first book signing.

  5. Dee, congrats on the big day. Having the kids there will be part of the memory of your first autographing and it will make it special.


  6. Way funny, Dee. Nice running commentary. I also did a signing with the little darlin’ in tow. She did manage to keep herself fairly busy, though. We’ve been to this Waldens so often that all the worker know her and helped keep her entertained.

    I enjoyed stopping by to support a fellow Samhain author any day. I was also admiring the enthusiasm with which you snagged several wandering would-be buyers. Nicely done.

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