Posted by: reneewildes1 | August 19, 2009

OH WOW – new review for Duality!

Reviewed by Nicole Hicks

Genre- Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy



Dara Khan Androcles has learned the art of fighting. Because it is a forbidden for women to learn she must hide her warrior’s heart beneath another art, one of healing. But even that she must be careful of, for even within the traipsing of her ability to heal are forbidden arts. Can she handle the ways of the warrior with the heart of a healer?

Loren ta Cedric knows he must warn the mortal king of the danger that he knows of. What he doesn’t expect is to be brought down. Or for a young mortal to be willing to sacrifice their life in order to save his safety. Or for the debt bond that he offers to bind them so completely. Or to feel some much for one person, other than his War Mare Hani’ena.

Love and loss proceed change. A change of knowledge, destinies, and the possibilities. When Dara is thrust into the middle of her world changing, can she manage? Can she follow her path, as convoluted as it may seem, to the end? Can she follow her heart?

Renee Wilde surprised me thoroughly. I found myself drawn into her world by the descriptions and lively characters.  I ended up drowning within her world by the emotions that the story conveyed. Her writings remind me of Michelle Sagara; an innocence with a touch of seduction rolling in the endless possibilities. The world she introduces is one filled with life, good and bad. She weaves a story that makes the reader not want to put the tale down. I found myself unable to sleep, reading until 4 in the morning so that I could see where she took the characters, as well as me. I enjoyed being so wrapped in the story that I cried at the end.  I look forward to the continuation of the Guardians of the Light series!


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