Posted by: reneewildes1 | August 8, 2009

Writing Is A Lonely Profession…NOT!

You always hear about what a lonely profession writing is…sitting alone w/your computer…praying to (whomever) that inspiration strikes…

Yeah, right!

Now I sit at my computer every day, but I’m never alone. I have my family at home and my friends at work. I have a whole community online. I have my local and state writers groups. I have my critique partners. I go to conferences. I have my editors, and a slew of contest coordinators as I’m always judging an RWA writing contest for SOMEONE.

And I have all those voices in my head…<LOL> The characters in Bk 5 are trying to push the characters in Bk 4 out of the way so they can have THEIR turn. Although, one of my characters in Bk 4, Dust of Dreams, is a troll and he doesn’t push very far! (Don’t think trolls are sexy? Picture Ronan Dax in Stargate Atlantis. I think Jason Mamoa is totally HOT!)

So don’t feel sorry for us writers. Envy us for getting to work in our jammies! Hey, casual day takes on a whole new meaning…

So, next time a writer bemoans their “lonely existence” – ask them about any of the above!



  1. Yeah, I’m in my jammies right now.


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