Posted by: reneewildes1 | July 25, 2009

Samhain Christmas in July Party – Quiz Questions

MARY’S QUESTIONS: send answers to
1)    In the YouTube trailer for Biting Nixie, what color is Julian’s tie
(not including the chroma shot)?
2)    In her review of Biting Nixie,‘s Shayna wants to
learn more about which character?
3)    In the free short story A Biting Christmas Special linked to on, what ring tone does Nixie use for her mom?
4)    In the blurb on, Bite My Fire may contain what food?
5)    In her review of Biting Nixie,‘s Hayley’s icon
has what color wings?
6)    Biting Nixie is part of what Samhain Samhellion program?
7)    Bonus question! What is the time period for the dance tune used in the
Biting Nixie Trailer? Bonus-bonus—what’s the name of the dance?
8)    Bonus question! What Taekwondo form is described in the posted Biting
Nixie excerpt?
9)    Bonus question! What is cussing for?

RENEE’S QUESTIONS: send answers to 

1.) What are the names of my two free holiday reads on my website? Hint: They were Samhellion freebies…
2.) DUALITY won the 2008 Reviewer’s Choice Award from which review site?
3.) Who is my favorite PBR cowboy?
4.) What review site did an expose on book covers where LYCAN TIDES was sited as a good example of Anne Cain’s work? 
5.)In HEDDA’S SWORD, whom does Cianan suggest might be able to help Maleta’s brother Jovan?
Hint: Excerpt 
6.)In LYCAN TIDES, what’s the name of the sea goddess Finora rails against?
2 BONUS QUESTIONS: (Gets an extra “name ticket” in the drawing)
Who’s the “model” for Loren in DUALITY’s book trailer? Hint: His eyes are Photoshopped a different color
What artist provides the music for my book trailers?

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