Posted by: reneewildes1 | July 22, 2009

What’s On A Fantasy Romance Writer’s Research Shelf?

I had a reader on one of the Yahoo groups I belong to challenge that fantasy writers don’t have to do any research because we just make stuff up as we go along. HUH? Maybe THAT’s what I’ve been doing wrong b/c I’ve been wasting all this time RESEARCHING for YEARS! Hmm… So I took a look at my shelves, and here’s what’s there for all my unnecessary research:


  • Kalevala
  • Saga of the Icelanders
  • Celtic Myths & Legends
  • Myths of the Norsemen
  • Nordic Gods & Heroes
  • Edith Hamilton’s Mythology
  • Encyclopedia of Gods


  • Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
  • Life In Ancient Egypt
  • Alexander of Macedon
  • Warfare In The Classical World
  • On Sparta
  • The Spartans
  • Thermopylae The Battle For The West
  • Attila King of the Huns
  • The Year 1000
  • Surviving the Iron Age
  • In Search of the Dark Ages
  • Warriors of the Dark Ages
  • Mysterious Lands & Peoples
  • Western Europe in the Middle Ages
  • Europe In The Central Middle Ages
  • Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings
  • The Vikings In History
  • The Ancient World of the Celts
  • A History of Their Own: Women in Europe From Prehistory to the Present
  • The Concise History of Costume & Fashion
  • Medieval England
  • What Life Was Like Among Druids & High kings
  • The Celts (actually have 5 different bks/authors – same title)
  • The Vikings
  • Daily Life In Medieval Times
    • Wheels
    • Weapons
    • Oars, Sails & Steam


  • The Way of Herbs
  • The Herb Book
  • Earth Medicine
  • The Medicine Way
  • Culpepper’s Complete Herbal & English Physician, Enlarged
  • Coyote Medicine
  • A Midwife’s Tale


  • The Writer’s Guide to Fantasy Literature From Dragon’s Lair to Hero’s Quest
  • The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference
  • Magickal Mystical Creatures
  • Earth Air Fire & Water
  • Celtic Traditions
  • By Oak Ash & Thorn
  • The 21 Lessons of Merlyn
  • Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom
  • Wisdom of the Elements
  • The Book of the Dragon
  • The People’s Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Witches & Witchcraft
  • Magical Arts
  • Ancient Wisdom & Secret Sects

And this doesn’t include my two shelves of WRITING books (characters, plotting, dialogue, conflict, editing) or reference books (distionary, thesaurus, baby names, punctuation) OR my colonial America collection!

Sad to think all those books wasted…

But THEN I got an email from someone asking if my books were set in a real place/time, they seemed so real, and I had a couple reviewers comment about my worldbuilding, (and I got compared to the lovely Bianca D’Arc with both of us being named worldbuilding champs in the same sentence/breath. I LOVE Bianca D’Arc’s books, so that made me sniffle a bit to be mentioned w/HER!) so maybe I’m going something RIGHT.

Right or wrong, I think I’ll keep doing it!



  1. I’ve been “researching” for years too but I like your bookshelf better than mine!

    Incidentally, I just found your blog. I recommend your books frequently–and I’ve just discovered you! Thank you.

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