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TODAY’S THE BIG DAY! LYCAN TIDES is now available at

LYCAN TIDES is dedicated to all the single moms out there who every day make their own miracles happen. Their strength inspires me every day to emulate their example. My heroine Finora’s first husband was lost at sea. She’s raising two kids on her own when Trystan enters her life.

I’ve decided to give half my proceeds of LYCAN TIDES ebook royalties to The Women’s Community, a local shelter who help abused women and children on their first step to safety, freedom, and self-esteem. I stand in awe of their strength and courage in the simple declaration, “I deserve better.”

Take a moment to think about the strong women in your own life, who have influenced you to be more than you were at the time, who helped make you what you are today. A relative, a friend, no matter. Sing out their praises! All comments will be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 2 $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards. Let your own personal heroines shine today!




  1. Okay, I’ll get the ball rolling. Anyone who’s read DUALITY knows I worship the ground my Grandma Jeanne walks on. She was a woman ahead of her time. She raised my mom and aunt alone in HI while my grandfather world in Saudi Arabia oil fields. When my parents got divorced, my grandma (then a widow) took us in and basically raised me and my sister while my mom worked as a nurse’s aide at night and went to nursing school during the day.

    My mom went to school and worked full-time to be able to take care of her kids, me and my sister.

    My sister was recently widowed and works her butt off taking care of herself and her son, my nephew Billy.

    Men were fine, but they didn’t wait around for one to rescue them. They did what needed doing without flinching or whining.

    Strongest women I know.

  2. I think the woman that influenced me the most was my grandmother. I lived with her in the summers and I learned a lot about life-she was a strong, gentle person. She taught me to sew, to cook, to be creative in the things I do and how to make a good decision. I am forever indebted to her.

  3. My mom is definitely the one who influenced me the most. I still look to her for advice today. I always felt no matter what mom was there for me and she always understood everything. She helped me to develop the same relationship with my daughters today. They are 23 & 26 yrs. old and I am very close to them also as they are also close with my mom. In fact I went wedding dress shopping with my daughter on Friday and she insisted Grandma had to come too. She said Grandma has always been with us for everything.

  4. I’d have to say my brothers girlfriend.
    She was 18 when she had her son. She moved out of her mom’s house and got her own apartment and raised him alone. She worked while he was in daycare, and once he was old enough for pre-school, she went back to school too. He’s now in first grade and she graduated college last year and is working in her chossen field now. If that isn’t inspiration for women everywhere then I don’t know what is.
    To be able to do it alone, being both mother and father to her son, working and going to school she trulyis A Strong Women!!!

    Whenever hit bumbs in the road I just think about her and I’m inspired to try my hardest!

  5. My grandmother was the strongest role model I had. She was so many things, and we heard stories from her about the thing she had done and the places she had been. At a time when women weren’t too influential (she was born in 1900, so you see what I mean) She did all sorts of things. She refused to stay in a marriage where she was abused, which was unheard of in that age. She encouraged my cousins and I to be whatever we wanted, not to get stuck in some stereotypical role. I became very much like her in many ways, although I always stayed perfectly legal (my grandmother was a flapper in the 1920’s and was married to a boot-legger for a while)(really). She passed away at the age of 78 but I still remember the things she taught me.

  6. The biggest influence on my life was my granny Harmon. She got me reading at a young age and she raised 4 boys and a girl to manhood and all of those boys walked the line with her. hehe Ican remember my dad telling me stories.about her punishments. Seems my granny was a very innovative punisher she didn’t spank she didn’t have to. She’d make the punishment fit the crime lol.And for a little woman she was mean. Her boys and girl as she called them usually did what she said even after they reached well over 6 ft. I spent most summers with her and usually before and after school growing up.

  7. My sister is an amazingly strong woman and has had a great influence in my life. I always looked up to her since I was little (and yes, I probably was the pain-in-the-butt little sister). We are closer now as adults. She is one incredible writer, working full time and raising two kids with a very supportive huisband (I hope one day to have that kind of support). I am very proud of my sister and still look up to her.

  8. Funny, Rae-Anne and I have familial mutual-admiration-thing going on these days. We fought like coyotes and armadilloes the whole time we were growing up! (What, you expected cats and dogs?) She was a girly girl and I was a complete tomboy! She’s still a girly girl, but I love her to pieces…

    Right back atchya, sweetie!

  9. The strongest and classiest woman I know that was and is still made a huge impact in my life is my aunt Estela. She knew when to give us love and when to give us a kick swift to our butts. lol She knows how to dish it out and take whatever life gave her.

    And even with her rough exterior she is a total sweetheart. She is so my idol. 🙂

  10. Renee, there are so many. One I think that had a huge part of my life was Marjorie, who I met one day in college when I went in to visit a signing class. I”m deaf but grew up without signing and I was curious and wanted to learn. My mom told me always it was my decision later on. I always got through classes barely and the day I walked in there and watching, I could even start to understand with the pictures I was seeing through her hands. She somehow knew I was deaf and approached me and took me into her life. Taught me how to communicate with my hands but also introduced me to a whole huge beautiful life. She didn’t just teach me to sign but to communicate. I was a very solo person, a loner, but she showed me the deaf culture too. I knew then I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t weak either. Too that I could have all worlds with me, and I do!

  11. My Mother is my rock. She remained strong when my Father was in a nursing home for over a yr. because of his heart, visiting 3x daily. She nursed him at home beforew that; plus the 3 months after his release from the nursing home until the day he died. 10 yrs later, she remarried and went through the same process with my step-father. She deserves kudos for her unflinching loyalty to her spouse(s). Plus, she gives at least half (or tries too of all she acquires to my brother and I, her church, and the less fortunate. Oh, on top of all that she brought property next to my Grammy during her later yrs to be there to take care of her as well. Grammy was legally blind, but not willing to give up her house & independence. Once she got Alzheimers & couldn’t live alone anymore…Mom moved in. Stayed until the state forced Grammy into a nursing home. Then visited her from opening to closing hours ’till Grammy’s death. I celebrate and kudo one dedicated & unselfish woman!

  12. And the winners are:

  13. Congrats to Nancy and Barbara!

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