Posted by: reneewildes1 | April 25, 2009

In honor of my birthday…

Just thought I’d have a little fun here. If you could have any dream birthday present you could conjure up – no holds barred – what would it be? For yourself, personally? Nothing universal like world peace, either. That’s too easy, Miss United States! (Says the closet fan of Miss Congeniality.)

Horseback riding through the woods with Viggo Mortensen? A picnic in the Scottish Highlands with Gerard Butler? Being stranded in a snowy mountain cabin with Hugh Jackman? (Oh, right – those are MY wishes! LOL!)

C’mon – spill! Let’s have some fun and go nuts. The sky’s the limit! Seriously – if you want to joy-ride with the Blue Angels, that’s cool. Today anything goes. Dream away!



  1. what I would want if i could have anything…
    well money to send my kids to college, and an ereader so i could be even more of a book aholic!

  2. This, is hard! Too, too many. I have a couple of realistic one’s but what fun is that? I’m thinking, hmmm…how about going out for a short boat trip, getting caught in a storm, surviving, but the boat is useless and I end up way, WAY out to sea. Just when it seems hopeless, along could come a small Navy patrol boat, full of, well, Sailors, lol. And of course, it would take at least two days to get back to land…..

  3. I would love a trip to Hawaii and Australia! It would help to have a nice hunk with me like Keanu Reeves. lol

  4. I want to see the wonders of the world – Machu Pichu, the pyramids at Giza, the Great Wall – with a guy who looks like Ryan Reynolds, can make me laugh like Christopher Moore, and is delusional enough to think that I am perfection. Is that really too much to ask? *g*


  6. I would love to go to a private beach (anywhere) and spend some one on one time with my hubby, and if he wasn’t available I would take Tim McGraw with me! lol

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!!

    Maybe being stranded on a beautiful isolated island with two of the sexiest men alive!! I am not sure I can pick which two. That would take an awful lot of thought:)

  8. Wow if I could have my dream birthday it would be a week long activity… I would schedule to have all of my frend meet me at the lake, wine coolers, and throw in a few actors and athletes that are toooooo hot to pass up tooo… we would sit and talk for hours and I would have a actor (starting with Val Kilmer) for breakfast, Tim Duncan for lunch, another for dinner… and to cozy up to a warm hot man every night not necessarily sex but just laying in his arms all night feeling safe.. and start the day over…

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy b’day Renee!
    I’d so love a vacation with hubby! We haven’t gone on one years and those that we took (its I think 20 years ago!) were day ones or weekend! So I really love to go to something as simple as a week on the beach/lighthouses near the Banks, I think North Carolina, I have to check. Or even a big place like Scotland! He’s a great hero, soon 26 years for us. Too I’d love another wedding band. I had lost mine when I had surgeries recently and the mess and lost the band with the weigh. So I’d love to get an anniversary ring, just to have something to fill that emptiness there. Great chatting with you on Samhain!

  11. I would love to have enough money to help my kids pay off their student loans and pay for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. Also a Kindle loaded with books would be great too! 🙂

  12. Trip around the world with my hubby, all expenses paid.

  13. Happy Birthday to you!! My wish would be for a week long vacation in Maui just relaxing and partying with Johnny Depp by my side. Of course, he’s completely, madly, over the moon in love with me. hahaha!

  14. Happy Birthday Renee!

  15. Happy Birthday! The perfect ‘gift’ for me would be my daughters health. Or at least for the doctors to find a medication that would stop her seizures….A trip to England would be nice too, lol.

  16. happy birthday
    i would like to have an unlimited supply of ebooks for my ereader so i don’t have to go far to have an adventure

  17. Then it would be money and I’m taking millions here. Enough to go on a cruise with my daughters and travel to buy a house and pay someone to move & pack me. I’ld send all 3 to college and build my own craft store and a library. I’ld get all the electronical devices I dream about and move to Florida. And I’ld hire a maid and a gardener and then I’ld get myself and all 3 girls a new car.

  18. enough money to pay off my bills and build the house of my dreams with vacation house wherever I would like them. and enough money to travel whereever and whenever I wished


    My birthday wish is to be stranded in a secluded forested area with my Husband. That way none of the kids could contact us. Of course there would have to be a beautiful log cabin and a stream to play in near by. We would take walks and picnic by the stream. I really like alone time with him!!!


    Let’s see, my birthday wish would be to have the bills paid off, the house paid off, my husbands shop built, peace and quiet for one day, a day at the spa with my mom …. ummmmm and my family with me to spend the day. You did say I could wish for anything! lol

    Hope you had a really fun birthday.

  21. First, I hope that you had a great birthday!

    I would love to have enough money to pay off my house and all my bills each month. Then I would love to take my whole family on a vacation/cruise together.

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