Posted by: reneewildes1 | March 17, 2009

A Busy Weekend

March Madness has NOTHING to do w/basketball. Not in MY world.

Every March we go through this. My son’s birthday and my daughter’s ice show. Together. Simultaneous. In direct conflict. First, I work 10-7 so my HUSBAND had to take Tami to the rehearsals, on the city bus – with Josh in tow. Because the 18-year-old w/the car is completely undependable as to whether he’ll be around or not when you might actually need him for something.

By Friday night, after four hours “technical rehearsal” Josh had a meltdown. Saturday morning he stayed home alone during “dress rehearsal”. Alone for 3 hours. Todd and Bryan were working. I was locker room mom at the rink for 20 girls, changing costumes, spraying hair, pinning belts, velcroing mondors, fixing lipstick. Tami’s eight. She does NOT wear makeup, ever – even for shows. She’s a little girl. Period. The other moms can call me a prude. I could give a damn. I don’t. Wear makeup OR give a damn. (I wore makeup for my wedding. That was twelve years ago.)

Joshua had a peaceful, quiet, girl-less morning watching Star Wars. He got his balance back. He’s a lot like me – he needs alone downtime sometimes, with no one in his face. When Tami and I returned to the rink for the 5-9 first show marathon, Josh stayed home w/dad to cheer on HIS PBR fav, J.B. Mauney.

Sunday was the afternoon show where I get to WATCH, not work. Bryan actually showed up. Josh sulked the whole time. Tami yawned in the middle of her second number and got caught by the woman sitting in front of us. I almost smacked her – the woman, not Tami. Tami was exhausted – a bad cold didn’t help – and it showed. Those little girls are troupers, but between school, homework, practice…I’ll bet Tami wasn’t the only one too tired to finish her mac n cheese by Thursday. She got a note from school for snapping at a sub. She does that when she’s tired. Snaps at anyone and everyone, then collapses in a corner.

Josh’s birthday was yesterday. Star Wars presents…MN Vikings cake. Yes, you can get them in WI! (Much to my GBP-loving husband’s chagrine!) He’s wearing the Clone Wars shirt this morning. All is right with the world once more…until NEXT March.


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