Posted by: reneewildes1 | March 2, 2009


Okay, everyone knows I’m a huge PBR fan and an even bigger Wiley Peterson fan. I got to drive my kids nuts (and deaf) this weekend cheering on my favorite guy in St. Louis, MO.

Round 1 vs SMOKEY = 86.5 pts (4th in round)

Round 2 vs WHAT I SAY = 86.75 pts

Round 3 vs KABOOKIE = 86 pts

Championship Round vs PEARL SNAP = 88.75 points (4th in round, but 1st place in the average w/a total of 348 pts and was one of only three men to ride all four of his bulls.

Even better, it bumped him up to #4 in the world at the moment. Yay! Been a bit of time since his last win, and I’m thrilled to pieces for him and his family.  Although on behalf of your wife, mister, I hope you DO wash those jeans! <LOL>

It was a great weekend in MO, ID and WI!


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