Posted by: reneewildes1 | January 15, 2009


It’s -20 today and all the area schools are closed. When the schools close we parents can opt to stay home from work, too – perk my employer grants. Those with teens don’t, but it’s a godsend for those of us that also use grade school as daycare, LOL.

Can we spell FREE WRITING DAY?

Funny thing is, it’s sunny and gorgeous when you look out the window – until you stick your head out the door and your nose falls off! I have to take the garbage out but I’m too chicken yet. I also have to take my daughter shopping for a present for her friend’s b-day party. Wimping out on that score, too. Why I live in WI when I’m such a big baby is beyond me. but the only other place I’d consider moving to is Maine, and it’s just as balmy there, too.

Check out this blog from – there’s a frightful picture of deer “swimming” through snow.


Just got the invite for the WisRWA “Love Is In The Cards III”  25th ANNIVERSARY Conference in Green Bay, WI on June 5-7, 2009. It’s at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center by the Airport. There were 77 published members’ names listed. Now I know for certain there are at least 2 I know of who don’t live in the WI arctic, but I can’t help wondering if we have so many writers because it’s TOO COLD TO DO ANYTHING ELSE HERE? My favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyan is the featured speaker. I am in awe of that woman. Want to say hi and have her sign my books. Will probably sound like a dork if I open my mouth. <sigh>

The horses look like woolly mammoths. Hay bill is HUGE because they eat more to stay warm.

The cat keeps trying to sneak outside. I let her. She high-tailed it right back inside and is now cured for another year.

Wonder if my car will start?



  1. Cured the cat. Too funny!

  2. Hi Renee!
    Just catching up on my Samhain email and saw your post. That is too cold for me. But then again, maybe that’s what i need to sit down and write. The weather here in Louisiana was so gorgeous today that all activities planned fell to the wayside as I gardened. I hadn’t intended to, but I went outside, got distracted by one that needed a little TLC, then the next, then the next, and before I knew it, the day was gone! Some of my plant have even started blooming because they’re fooled into thinking it’s spring.
    Happy writing,

  3. Plants? You have plants? Outside?
    I have a few house plants, but outside there’s nothing but evergreens. I’ve had runors of something under the snow called grass, but my horses tell me that’s the wishful thinking of an overactive imagination!

  4. Just saw your post, Renee, as I’m catching up on emails! Yes, blooming plants with green leaves. BUT it turned really cold again yesterday. I think it’s in the 40’s now outside. I love my houseplants too. Some might say it looks like a greenhouse in here. Geraniums are one of my favorites indoors because they bloom during the winter when everything else looks bleak (at least to me!) Julie

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