Posted by: reneewildes1 | December 21, 2008

Christmas Contest

Think about all those presents you’ve received over the years. The ones you’ve adored, the ones you’ve hated, the ones that made you go “Huh? What were they smoking when they thought THIS would be a good idea?” What are your most memorable gifts ever?

The best/most romantic?

The worst/most awful? The one you couldn’t wait to regift fast enough?

The just plain WEIRDEST?

I’m giving away a $20 B&N Gift card for each category. So go ahead – Share! Spill! Let’s have some fun with this one!



  1. The best gift I ever got was from my husband last year. It was a box of highliters.

    I know, doesn’t sound like much, does it?

    But to me it was wonderful because it meant that my hubby was paying attention and knew what was important to me. You see, I use the highliters when I’m editing (a la Margie Lawson) and asked me once why I needed different colours and what I was doing with them, then he actually listened when I told him and remembered enough to buy me a whole box for Christmas. I almost cried.

    🙂 Happy holidays!

    J.K. Coi
    Immortals to Die For

  2. The best Christmas present I ever got was the year my son was born. He was born on Dec 10 and was 12 weeks premature. He was so sick with every problem a premie can have. He was in the hospital for two months. But it was Christmas morning that was the first time I got to hold him – I sat in the rocking chair in the NICU with his tiny oxygen mask held to his face, a gazillion wires coming off his 3 pound body – the best Christmas present!

  3. The worst gift my husband and I got was from his mom. She gave us a wall hanging that was covered with orange and blue beads and feathers. It was hideous. We had no idea which way it was to be hung. It got stored in the closet until a friend told us she would take it.

  4. The most romantic i got was last year. I had not seen my grandmother who lives overseas for over two years. During the holidays i always get melancholic about wanting to spend time with the family the way we used to as kids. Mainly all of the women from my mother side with their respective husbands and a few of my uncles (total 12 siblings from my mother alone). My grandmother would cook a feast starting the day before and we would all pitch in and sleep in the same house. Well i had not spend a christmas like that since i was a kid and had mentioned it to my boyfriend. He noticed that for Thanksgiving i was really depressed and remembered the ocassion so he called a couple of my family members and arranged for a christmas like that. He actually bought us tickets for him and myself to go and visit with my grandmother and a couple of my aunts and uncles that live there or had scheduled to travel for the christmas holiday. I think it was the best gift i had ever received from anyone, and the most romantic from him.

  5. The weirdest I ever got was a salami, the best was a cross necklace and the worst was nothing LOL

  6. The absolute weirdest gift I’ve ever received was from my m-i-l. She gave me a framed photograph of herself as a child!?! The woman hates me and I was totally baffled.

  7. My most romantic gift was 2 years ago from my hubby. We had been technically split up for a year and a half, but still shared the same house, still occasionally shared the same bed – but he went his way and I went mine. 2 years ago, I wasn’t expecting him to get me anything at all. Imagine my surprise when he hands me this little box with a gold filigree ring with a little pink stone heart with him sitting on his knees in front of me to apologize for ‘screwing up’. We were married the following April, and haven’t had more than a minor argument since.

  8. The worst present I ever received was a used fur coat. For one thing I love animals and I don’t wear fur for another is was used.

  9. It doesn’t really qualify as best/worst or weirdest gift but it is the one I cherish above all else…

    MY husband is always complaining I buy all my gifts before I give him a chance to so last year for Chirstmas I got a pair of Eeyore slippers and a Tinkerbell blanket out of all my gifts that I hvae ever gotten those are the ones I always remember

    and it give me great joy to see my husband smile every time he sees me wearing Eeyore or snuggled up under Tinkerbell:-)


  10. The best gift I ever received was the small sapphire ring my parents gave me the Christmas when I was 10. I’ve had to have gold added so I could get it resized, but I still wear it.

    The worst gift I ever received was an almost empty box for a board game. It was a gag gift from the white elephant gift exchange at work that occurred while I was away visiting relatives, so I got stuck with whatever nobody else wanted. lol

    As for the weirdest, I’d have to go with the Dirty Minds game I got a few years ago. It’s actually a lot of fun to play. lol

  11. in 1985 hubby bought me my first engagement ring for xmas. 20 yrs latter he upgraded to a new one for xmas. I love it. it and the first ones was my best gifts. The worst gift was 6 glasses with 15 dollars worth of pennies from my aunt. those pennies went everywhere when I opened the box. She thought it was funny.

  12. The best gift I ever got was from my two daughters about 15 yrs. ago. It was a small jewelery box that had all these sayings and poems on it about what is a mom! Then it also had a place for a picture and my girls who were very young at the time found a picture of both of them dressed in their Christmas dresses and put that picture in the jewelery box. To this day that jewelery box still sits on my dresser. And the girls still tease me about how emotional I got over it.

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