Posted by: reneewildes1 | December 12, 2008

Why I Think Fantasy is a Message of Hope

worlds-of-wonderI’ve been a huge fantasy fan & voracious reader my entire life. I was a Tolkien fan WAY before Peter Jackson jumped in. If Joseph Campbell had had disciples, I would have been one. Fantasy is mytholgy and mythology is people. Mythology is truth.  The basis of all classic fantasy for me is good triumphing over evil and an ordinary someone accomplishing something extraordinary.

Doom and gloom are all around us. The war, the economy, political dissention, religious dissention. Seems you can’t turn around without someone telling you how horrifically tragic everything is. Some people are saying book sales are down – people won’t buy books when they can’t afford essentials. But they’re wrong. Readers will read regardless. Readers will read MORE to escape their own reality.

Why not with a fantasy book where an honest man can bring down a tyrant, an evil dragon can be turned to good, good and Light can triumph over evil and Dark? Shea uses the Sword to defeat the Warlock Lord, Alias discovers she’s as human as a born being, Esmay discovers the strength to rally a crew in mtiny and win a battle, Mahree becomes a beacon for peace in an intergalactic misunderstanding (In order: Terry Brooks’ Sword of Shannara, Kate Novak’s Forgotten Realms – Azure Bonds, Elizabeth Moon’s Once a Hero, & A. C. Crispin’s Starbridge).  Each of those characters decided they’d had enough of their situations and if no one else was going to do something to fix it, then they were going to suck it up and do it themselves. “It starts with me.”

I think that’s a great attitude. “It starts with me.” Make a ripple of positive in the negative pond. Instead of thinking about what’s wrong in the world, think about what’s good in your life. In your home, in your family, in your church or school or work or community. What’s good in the state, country, world. Smile at the Salvation Army bell ringer. Hold a door open for someone. Compliment a coworker’s new hairstyle. Thank everyone who does something nice for you. Smile at everyone. If there’s something you want to change, make a resolution and fix it. Like those characters in our favorite fantasy books, “It starts with me. I can make a difference. I will make a difference.”

Less talk. More action. You’d be surprised who can move mountains!



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  2. Great post Renee. Very moving.
    Sue B

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